A Soldier’s Story

For being labeled (one of) the so-called dark ages of skateboarding, the early 90’s saw the realease of some good skate videos. I had never seen the 1991 Life skateboards video titled “A Soldier’s Story,” but I realized it was sitting in a grocery bag of old videos GVK picked up at a yard sale or something. After watching this Sean Sheffy part I was so stoked I dug it up and popped it in the VCR. The copy I have has issues with the soundtrack, but it’s pretty strong video. My favorite part is still the Sean Sheffey bit, and at 17 years old, he was pretty impressive. Look for a mid air revert at about the 1:30 mark. I think that’s the first time I ever saw that move on a skateboard. On a snowboard with bindings a thousand times, but not on a skateboard. I hope the re-issue thing is going well for him. (Note: Mumble Link removed, original site is gone and appears to be malware now.)

[Source: Fairways and Flips ]


  1. Fakie ollie shifty?

  2. I remember this video. Seems like one of the first times seeing dudes just ollying OVER pick nick tables over and over like nothing. I could get up onto one, but that was blowing my mind.

  3. nweyesk8 on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    fakie ollie shiftys like that have always been sick, I can still do them over spines but not so well on flat anymore

  4. Talentlessquitter on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    Great!Thanks for posting,I love those big ’91 boards.
    Classic intro music used many times,but also on the Ramones’ ‘Loco live’ album.

  5. Gnarles Copinghagen on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    Nice. Never seen this before.

  6. Sk8 D on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    Another all time favorite. half cab over a normal size pick-a-nick table is insane Boo Boo, also nice that most of its shot without a fish eye so you can see true scale boost instead of some lense gimmick b.s.

  7. Vegetable Lasagna on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    Nice. Damn, I wanna see the rest of that video now.

  8. Danimal on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    We used to watch that one over and over again before going skating, classic.

  9. Tons of dudes fakie ollie like that.

  10. kevin on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    sick, this is seriously dangerous

  11. jakeandannoy on March 1, 2010 - Reply

    I modeled my lipslide’s and backside 180 tricks after this dudes style in the 90’s.
    I’ve seen him skate in person and no one can match his style.
    Ollies over his son in a playskool car in Plan B’s Virtual Reality. Pete, name 10 dudes that did that or the half cab over the table, in 92′.
    Or even in the next 4 years after that.

  12. History lessons on S@A…..Sheffy is god.

  13. I had the Ron Allen “lava lamp” model from Life. Great video.

  14. about 2:30 ….. backside 180* flatground ollie over the parking lot divider . Up and over the curb! Sickter !!

  15. Brock Es on March 2, 2010 - Reply

    1990’s skateboarding was the best. Sheffey is a beast!

  16. Betsy on March 2, 2010 - Reply

    Just saw Sheffey a few months ago. He is living with Jake Brown in Oceanside and doing really well. He helped my son do a paper on African-Americans in extreme sports. My son interviewed him– and got an “A”. Sean is one of the sweetest, most gentle, most loving individuals I have ever met.

  17. Carl is a dick on March 3, 2010 - Reply

    Next time you’re at the Center House at the Seattle Center, check the skater in the mural on the ceiling.

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