Joe Farrell: Skate Board Park

Man, for a cat so heavily into jazz, you’d think he’d be hip to the lingo and not trip over such a simple thing like “skateboard park” instead of laying a clam like “Skate Board Park.” This album dates back to 1979. I don’t know jazz, but Joe Farrell must have been somewhat respected, because I do recognize the name of his keyboard and piano player, Chick Corea. I do know one thing, this album cover is outstanding, even if it wasn’t the record exec’s bag. The CD re-issue has a completely different cover. Dig some fly album artwork and hear Farrell blow on this hot plate after the jump, unless you’re out to lunch, like that crumb behind Joe on the cover.

– Thanks to Matt for the tip, and AllAboutJazz for the translation.

Listen to Skate Board Park by Joe Farrell.

Need something to read while you’re bopping? From the liner notes on the back cover:

Well, like the tunes on this album for example. I wrote about two or three of them at the same time. I sat down and they just came flowing out. You know out here in California skateboarding is such a big thing; and where I live, in Malibu a lot of folks are experts. I wrote the title composition one afternoon after returning from the “The Skateboard Park” with my lady’s son, Baron, who is eight and really good. I take him to the park a lot; and I watch those kids do all those things. It really is something to see – the different styles, techniques, timing and all that. The composition just flowed out of all of that excitement.

Man what a bunch of characters. I especially like the guy in the upper right corner with his back to the camera. Is that one of the Godoy brothers in the blue flyaway at Joe’s elbow? Not in 1979, those guys were probably in Texas. What about Malba look alike in front? Don’t forget to enlarge-o-rama.

Here’s the reissue. What a bummer. I mean, it’s a good design, but it looks like a million other jazz albums, and no skatepark in sight!


  1. What a great skateboard park snap shot.
    There are a lot of familiar faces there. Pretty sure thats Ray “Bones” Rod riguez at the top 2nd from the right, and maybe Pat Noho next to him.
    Ray Bones had the famous Powell Peralta Skull and Sword model. I’m guessing that was shot at Marina del Ray skate park.

  2. He spelled it right in the jacket notes. Might be a graphic design error. Is playing the saxophone a euphemism for something?

  3. The group shot is classic. I’m gonna guess Marina too, since the two dude in the green Norcon rental helmets have MDR on the front. Not to mention all the TP, Z, and Dogtown boards. The guy sitting in the front with the black Flyaway looks like Kevin O’Reagan. Jimmy Plummer with the white Flayaway??

  4. farrells awesome, his CTI releases are classic. his kind of sultry sax always reminds me of the sad / self reflecting scenes from lethal weapon?

  5. Skateboarding used to be so diverse!

  6. Yeah Sk8 D, looks like Joe Farrell was for real. Played with Mingus, Maynard Ferguson, Return to Forever, Elvin Jones. Allmusic calls Skate Board Park one of his strongest sessions. I’m keeping my eye out for this one. Thanks Kilwag.

    The dude with the blue Flyaway with his back turned in the upper right must have been rocking one of these: LINK

  7. year of the pig.

  8. Darryl on April 18, 2015 - Reply

    That’s for sure Marina Del Rey skatepark!
    I am the one holding the Santa Cruz skateboard!

  9. Tempest2 on August 5, 2015 - Reply

    The stuff he did with George Benson is classic funk and jazz
    check out Benson and Farrell and Good King Bad!

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