eBay Watch: December 2009


I’m sorry that this is a couple of weeks late everybody. I could make excuses about how busy the Christmas season is and other shit that’s going on in my life, but truth be told there wasn’t much that went off in December on eBay that got me fired up. When I have lots of exciting stuff to cover I get fired up and this shit types itself. But when it’s an average month with tons of the same old same old to sort through, it gets difficult to get motivated to look for the unusual and type for hours on end. So it was in December. There was some interesting stuff, but very little that got me really excited. Now, looking forward to January I already have some good stuff stored, so that is looking a lot more promising! Anyway, that being said I hope you enjoy this months edition because I worked really hard on it, and tried not to give you the same old Hawks and Gators etc.

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  1. You’re damned right I wish I had bid on that Bay City Rollers board. I covet that board. Thing is, right before x-mas and being underemployed, it was hard to justify spending money on myself instead of my family.

  2. the danforth model brings back memories, i still got it
    it’s beat up. last year he was in town , i got him autograph it for me, then he autographed my leg .
    we were like 5 who got tattoed by bill .he such a trip

  3. I had a co-worker in the early ’90s who saw me with a Corey O’ Brien t-shirt with the Daniel Clowes graphic. He went nuts… He was a fan of Clowes’ work from way back. I had never heard of the dude prior to that. Soon after, I got and gave him the board and matching t-shirt knowing he’d never skate it. He already had a bunch of comics by the guy, and although I normally wouldn’t approve of someone having a skate just to hang on the wall, this time it seemed right. If he knew now that one sold for $400 + he’d probably laugh. I suspect his is far more valuable to him than money could cover.

  4. Thanks for the hints on the Panther / Natas /SMA !
    Some were reviewed here: http://sakaroule.blogspot.com/2010/01/natas-panther-1988.html
    Natas seems in the mood for 2010.

  5. Love these ebay watch posts. I have trawled through the whole list I think and have seen a few boards that I was gutted to know I missed. This month it was the Sean Goff, I saw it, or a very similar one, on ebay uk for 20 quid with not long to go on the auction but I didn’t geti t. I have my own Tarot card Goff from back in the day, but it is snapped and almost graphicless. I would love to get more DB boards but they are like hens teeth. Te other boards I,ve seen on here that I would love were the GSDs and the Eppic Eddie Gomez. My brother actually still has the mini gomez he skated back in the day and I know he’d be stoked to have a mint 1 for the wall. Coincidently, any idea where i can get a copy of street skating with rob and natas? My bro and I used to love that vid, particularly the day with Eddie Gomez bit, but our copy vanished in the mists of time.

  6. Actually the Panthers are probably an all time bestseller graphic –

  7. … nice one Neil… My two fave decks from the late 70’s appear back to back; the DT Jim Muir and Shogo Airbeam. Anecdote time: I went to Surrey Skates in London back in early 79 for a new deck, my mind set on the Jim Muir (thinking i’d be the shit with it at my local park, and no, not thinking about getting laid – aged 14) but they’d sold out, so the guy said he had the new DT deck just in , the Shogo Airbeam. I wasn’t convinced but he talked me (and my mum) into parting with around 80 quid (serious cash in 79) for the deck and some Indy superwides mk 1 (to carry the larger 10 inch deck) Sadly, I gave it to my cousin in 82 – for nothing! How gutted was when i saw one go for 5000 bucks a couple of years ago…? http://skateandannoy.com/2008/05/that-place-that-time-uk-edition/ that’s me in the top right pic on the Air beam. Happy days…

  8. skater J on February 2, 2010 - Reply

    Man, I have to admit, this is one of my favorite features on the site. Maybe on all of the web! Keep it up!

  9. Aan Hoek on February 2, 2010 - Reply

    Amen! I dig it. Look forward to the bootleg issue….
    Would love to see some obscure ones i haven’t seen before. Thanks Neil. Aan NZ.

  10. Talentlessquitter on February 3, 2010 - Reply

    Ah,one of those big “I can’t believe I missed that!” moments with the SC Ray Meyer.That is a sought after deck and I didn’t even see it!But there is a reason for everything and splashing a big $300 at that time would have ment my personal downfall anyway.
    I seem to be the only one here who cares about freestyle decks.
    Neil,I’ll send you a fs deck-of-the-month every time…..if I don’t miss ’em!

  11. Talentlessquitter on February 3, 2010 - Reply

    Sean Goff is ;toddtwist’ on ebay.he tries to live off his online store.Come on,buy some shit!!

  12. I do visit Todd Twist on ebay now and again and if he ever has any deathbox stuff on there, I’m in!

  13. Prudence on February 13, 2013 - Reply

    I have the skateboard and would consider selling

  14. marion harris on February 15, 2013 - Reply

    Mint condition Bay City Rollers skateboard. A result of my affiliation with the music business, I am the original owner and keep of this treasure.

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