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I’ve been contemplating some designs for skate spots in my head lately. One idea that I’ve had for a while consists of parallel tracks of wave like bumps varying in frequency and staggered side by side. Watching this video was both disappointing (because it’s kind of been done) and validating at the same time. It looks pretty great for found terrain, but if it was built for skating I’d lie to see the tracks staggered and directly adjacent. I have to applaud the length of these things though, they certainly didn’t skimp on the concrete.

– Thanks to our resident secret bike spy in the house, Mike Estes.

Update: Added some actual skate footage too.

Where is this place? It’s in Novi, Michigan at the Jaguar Dealer. Are we blowing out this spot? Last year Ford sold the Jaguar and Land Rover brands to an Indian company for about half what they paid for it. These guys probably appreciate any kind of traffic they can get these days.



Here’s some skate footage, thanks to the anonymous tipster.


  1. I’m pretty sure Levi Brown did a tweaked ollie there in some Element web video.

  2. featured in Premier skateboard’s ten cent deposit I believe…wait, no it was a different small-time average quality skating MI vid called SPOTS

  3. I submited a similar idea to some eco-innovation contest years ago, as a way of making human powered transport more fun, appealing and efficent. I didn’t win.

  4. I should start a ‘bike and annoy’…………

  5. some DIY flat bars new between some of the humps would make this spot even sicker.

  6. Must piss off the salespeople when they are talking cars, and suddenly, visible through their glass Utopia, someone burns through those humps on a bike, pretty much creating instant desire to ride a bike!
    Looks so fun.

  7. I think I have an idea for a new mow-strip border around the backyard!

  8. Bret Taylor on December 7, 2009 - Reply

    Those bikers are getting jiggy with it.

  9. Skateboarding? on December 7, 2009 - Reply

    I saw this video a while back.

    Apparently skateboarders enjoy this type of activity too. Who knew?

    There is a clip from the spot right away, and then it resurfaces again at around 3 and a half minutes.

  10. Pete, I was thinking that same thing. That would be a dope way of transportation if there was a network of pump-paths through town. I would be so much more motivated to go to work if I got to pump all the way there. It’d be pretty damn energy efficient too if they were smooth. Imagine big 8-foot roller freeways that you could go 25 on, with little 2 foot roller on-ramps to merge.

  11. Casey M for mayor

  12. Pumptracks in Portland!

  13. Skate lanes with pump tracks and kickers at the cross walks to ollie the intersections.

  14. car free human powered comute routes littered with interesting spots. like that bridge in Singapore. a snake run from capitol hill into downtown Seattle. does anyone walk in LA? all the sidewalks in LA could be pump bump paths.

  15. Look ahead as we fast try to focus on it
    I won’t be fooled by a cheap cinematic trick
    It must have been just a cardboard cut out of a man
    Top forty cast off from the record stand

  16. I used to cringe when people would say Missing Persons was a punk band. I remember a guy at my school telling everyone he lost his missing persons button slamming at the US festival.

  17. That’s hilarious. Wait, was that me? No, I lived in the Midwest.. US Festival… well THE CLASH did play that, so it’s conceivable. Unless he was in the pit for Van Halen. Pretty funny. I would have liked to have seen either of those bands at that time.

  18. […] Da entlang surfen schaut nach Mörderspaß aus… […]

  19. Talentlessquitter on January 5, 2010 - Reply

    “Hello sir,nice Jags up front.I’d like to take one for a spin…”

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