University accommodating longboarders?

I was working in the lab late one night…

My daughter snapped this shot while visiting friends at Oregon State University. Looks like if you cabled two of the rungs together your trucks and wheels might keep someone from removing the board. Is this really a skate rack? I wonder if the thing fills up with longboards during class hours.


  1. The two schools I have intimate knowledge of (Pitzer and Miami) both support its skateboard community. At Pitzer in California, they have skateboard racks outside the classrooms. The president of the University of Miami (ex-secretary of health and human services for Clinton) has endorsed the use of skateboards on campus as a mode of transportation.

  2. i would never leave my board unatended. why not just bring it in class .
    somebody will defanatly break it there or steel your wheels.
    ever see a bike tied up to a post all thrashed!!!

  3. nweyesk8 on October 20, 2009 - Reply

    actually there are a ton of tards on longboards around OSU campus. we even have a shop that is almost exclusively longboards only. damn near every one on campus pushes dick-foot though….

  4. Yes it is a skate rack, they don’t allow boards inside the gym. It is never full.

  5. Jerkins on October 21, 2009 - Reply

    Sweet, free wheels and bearings!

  6. Not to mention the fact that somebody might wipe a booger on it. I mean that’s what I do.

  7. Geez, do they have a puka shell necklace holder adjacent to the racks? I’m actually surprised that more students than professors ride these since longboards are the recumbent bikes of skateboarding 😉

  8. Good one Sheabones!

  9. “long boards.. the recumbent bikes of skateboarding” – funny shit

    Find the guy with the Hawaiian print board shorts, running shoes, flipped up colar, rope bracelet, and puca shell necklace – and you’ve found the guy that owns the long board on that rack. Then again, that guy would be carrying it, so it could be anybodies.

  10. I already worry it’s gonna rain every time I leave my sunroof cracked… with that’d I’d be worrying about a soggy board.

  11. That’s convenient for skaters. I wish we had these longboard racks in my country. The longboard community is pretty large here, some even travel long distances with their boards.

  12. Looks like it but doesn’t look safe at all, even with those cables

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