The John Doe Zine and Randy’s poor memory post


So if you read the post below by Randy who can’t remember what happened yesterday, you’ll see that Randy was invited to be interviewed on the John Doe Zine. This is an excellent concept that Mr. Doe has done well with interviews from:

Patrick O’dell
Chad Balcom
Ryan Clement from Skatepark of Tampa
Steve Saiz
and our very own Bobcat of Sleestak

Visit John Doe Zine to see the complete list…

The only complaint I have is that the conversations get off on major tangents into complete asinine conversations about nothing… of course, maybe that’s the point? and Randy is SOOO boring. Jesus … how monotone can a guy’s voice get?


  1. Hey, I’m enjoying the interview. Cool that the guy has a fuckin’ porch and a fucking car. Dude, can you give me a ride to the skatepark? …cool, Hey can we not take the fuckin’ car? I just washed my pants.

  2. John or Jane Doe is what the police used to call an unidentified dead body. John Doe the singer would be referencing that. Jesus, read a book once in a while dudes.

  3. fuck yeah!

  4. hey – I got mentioned! did anyone listen to mine, or did you just read it on the list? I mean, it was only an-hour-fifty-minutes long, no big deal…

  5. yeah, it’s hit or miss. I was surprised by one, forget I who it was but I had no idea who the person was beforehand and it ended up being pretty interesting. Yeah, they get off topic and could stand to do more research, but it is what it is. They are cranking these things out and you gotta hand it to them. It’s a good concept, just needs a little refinement. And you have to remember, it’s unedited, so there is the potential for rambling (Guilty!)

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