GVK on Coos Bay


The review of Mingus Park, also known as Coos Bay, is deep and smooth with fast coping. The street area has yet to be developed. When you pull up, it looks like a 1950’s flying saucer. The pool is deep and fast. The shallow end is a hero’s drop in. The deep end is fun and easy to ride. This is the link between Reedsport and Port Orford. You can now skate yourself silly on the coast hitting a park every half hour. There were about a hundred people skating on Saturday, the day after it officially opened. I would like to thank the Mayor for his hand-written invitation to Mingus Park. Hope to see him next time I drive through. P.S. Surrounding the park are baseball fields and tennis courts; none of them used.

Eight great iPhotos after the jump. Thanks to EPM for the gorgeous shot of yours truly. He’s got some more shots of Matt Kline killing it.

Coos Bay, Oregon skatepark opening weekend.








When you are done skating, it’s all good!



  1. Livmo on May 27, 2009 - Reply

    I dig Grover’s graphics. Rad looking park too.

    PS, what “maintenance” did you perform today? I actually had to “work” (insert go to other sites) instead.

  2. Way to go GVK! Adding a little photo journalism to the video. Hopefully the Doctor will have something to say about the park in a future episode of GVK. Wonder if skate ghost was there?

  3. Livmo, I switched from a single install of WordPress to a Multiple User install so I could run the reviews with the same database and authors but a different theme, and have the search function.. blah blah blah…. Lots of messing with databases, but it appears to be working fine.

  4. WOW! Rich’s shot of gvk really pops! Great review as well Grover. Sounds like those tennis courts are begging for a good ol 80’s jump ramp session!

  5. colinwalshrules on May 28, 2009 - Reply

    whats up w/ all the unfinished looking cement in the street section? looks like they gave up on the back side of the walls or something. or is it a toledo type finish?

  6. – “The street area has yet to be developed.”

    Read, read again.

  7. I hear the finish in the bowl is as smooth as any of the smoothest parks out there…

  8. Shane Bell on May 29, 2009 - Reply

    That park has some gnar local potential! Hands down.

  9. […] See more Coos Bay coverage over on SnA. […]

  10. somerandomdude on June 14, 2009 - Reply

    somebody went over cbs craddle today.

  11. nweyesk8 on June 14, 2009 - Reply

    is that supposed to be a hard line?

  12. somerandomdude on June 14, 2009 - Reply

    idk it doesnt look that bad. its just sooo big

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