Weird/old/crappy/cool board of the month: Estate sale score

Vintage Nash skateboard scooter

Kevin Decker aka KVON sent in some nice photographs of an estate sale score he picked up over the weekend, a 60’s era Nash skateboard/scooter. The logo says “Nash Surfboards.” I believe they sold the exact same thing without the handle. Looks like it’s in fine shape. This is one scooter I’d be proud to display.

vintage Nash skateboard scooter 01

vintage Nash skateboard scooter 02

vintage Nash skateboard scooter 03


  1. Estes' Ghost on March 12, 2009 - Reply

    Looks as fine as 67 Cheville SS. Score of the week is more like it!!

  2. Wonder what the odds are of getting some pics of Kevin carving some big bowl with that thing?

  3. john e on March 12, 2009 - Reply

    i agree it’s a great piece. the screws hanging so far below the deck make me wonder if the handle bars were original or an add-on? Did Nash actually make it that way, or did someone combine a regular skateboard with a pair of mismatched handle bars? It’s cool either way…

  4. saggyg on March 12, 2009 - Reply

    looks like a couple of sacrificed sissy bars screwed down. nice colors,red and chrome always sweet!

  5. Thanks for posting this Kilwag. Originally I thought it was all factory but I can’t find anything on the web to suggest that NASH made a scooter set up like this. Upon close inspection, I think you guys are right, the bars were likely an add-on. This thing has been a lot of fun but as for carving a bowl… I haven’t even put my foot on “the metal-wheel death stick”. 😉
    ps It may be up for trade to a good home!

  6. Nash made a lot of different weird things, I’ve seen a kids stool or steps to reach things, made from cut up skateboard decks, a Nash deck with metal shovel blade type things bolted on the trucks instead of the axle and wheels, This was for snow skateboarding..Nash also made the Skifer a rip off of the Snurfer,, Also Nash made skateboards from about 1965 to well.. now a days.. Lots of the well know Nash skates that you think are early ’60’s where still sold up until the invention of the urethane wheel or so and advertised in Newspapers.. You’ll see a lot of these ads when i finish my book on Skateboarding in the ’60’s.. but anyway.. I believe that this Scooter could have been a product they sold, They never did put much quality into their products..and Just because you haven’t seen any reference to it on the net doesn’t mean anything, Most of the over 300 images in my book are no where to be found on the net. There is more lost history out there of the ’60’s than has been dug up and shown to others.

  7. DaBigKahuna on April 30, 2013 - Reply

    I can confirm that this scooter/skateboard is original. I was looking for a picture of my first skateboard and this is it… complete with the handlebars and the long screws. I don’t remember the grips being original though. I wanna say they were white.

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