The advantages of longboarding and skateboarding combined into one. (??)

Swerver ultimate carving streetboard

Last year’s New York Toy Fair turned up this amusing iteration of the alternative skateboard, the Swerver Ultimate Carving Streetboard. I find this amusing if only for the fact that they adapted RipStick or Hurricane wackyboards to make them look more like a skateboard:

The advantages of longboarding and skateboarding combined into one.

Whether you want to go cruising down the street or tackle a new obstacle course, the Swerver is the only board you’ll need. The Swerver Ultimate Carving Streetboard combines the advantages of a longboard with those of a skateboard. The rider propels the Swerver Board forward using a twisting motion, eliminating the need to push off the ground every few feet.

Set up complicated courses, perform tricks off the half-pipe or just fly effortlessly to your next destination. With the Swerver Ultimate Carving Streetboard, the journey is the fun.

Somehow a whole year passed without the Swerver becoming a;ll the rage. I can’t even find an official web site for the product. See it in action after the jump. I can’t wait to perform some tricks “off the half-pipe.”

– Thanks to Concretins for the tip.

This image comes form the Core77 design magazine gallery.



  1. Prickly Pete on February 19, 2009 - Reply

    Funny how making a turn on a really flexible board requires little upper body movement and consequently almost no style out of the rider. Look at this stiff in the video! A less flexible, conventional (normal) board requires a little more coaxing, and therefore more style to turn. Nice trucks on those things by the way. The kinkpin looks like the button on my jeans.

  2. I find that loose trucks help with turning. everytime someone shows up with a long board I try to ride it, cos I love to carve ya know?. but they always have tight trucks, and my board turns more. I don’t know what people are thinking

  3. they should have used a broken board and called it the focus

  4. Oh golly gee willikers! I’m so glad that I can use this to tackle the new obstacle course the mayor had put in the playground!

  5. VulgarDisplayCFH on February 19, 2009 - Reply

    Kids just need to learn to pump

  6. DocMurdock on February 20, 2009 - Reply

    “The kinkpin looks like the button on my jeans.”-hilarious

  7. it looks terrible. the trucks look really cheap and if you want to carve and do shortboard stuff all at once, just go buy a kicktail longboard

    • i agree with jake, it looks like it will snap wen u stand on it! just buy like a penny board!

  8. bob marley on April 26, 2012 - Reply

    Kids just need to get a fucking long board!!!!!!!!

  9. Goose on March 5, 2014 - Reply

    Seriously, WTF?

    My old school trucks carve like a fucking bitch and my board doesn’t snap when I land my 225lbs.

    Learn to fucking pump.

    Skating is hard.

    That’s part of what makes it art.

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