Honorary Pro Skateboarders

Mumble honors Grant Brittain

Mumble Online Magazine (Note: Link removed, original site is gone and appears to be malware now.) launched a program to give three people who were/are influential in skateboarding (long terrm) an honorary certificate designating them as “Pro Skateboarders.” The best part is that the certificate comes with a limited edition, wait for it, pro model skateboard, and I mean limited. The first awardee is legendary photographer and photo king of the The Skateboard Mag, you know him as J. Grant Brittain. I don’t know Grant personally, but he was gracious enough to let us use one of his famous photos as a Shot of the Week here on SnA. Grant Brittain is an excellent choice for the first honorary pro skater. Grant’s pro model was made at Powell, and it’s a riff on one of their most famous graphics. It’s kind of funny that Powell is parodying their own graphics after it’s been done by other companies multiple times. It should come as no surprise that it’s already sold out considering that they limited the run to only 99 pieces. Powell wanted to keep things realistic for the time period, so Grant didn’t have a say in what his graphics looked like! Har! Actually, the whole thing was a surprise to Grant. I kid, only because I love. Royalties are being donated to Grind for Life. You can’t buy on e anymore, but Club Mumble has really nice large graphic of the deck on the same page they talk about the program. There’s also a video of the presentation and a good interview with Grant over here. Grant gives up the secret of skate photography!

Getting back to the award, who are the next two going to be? Frank Hawk? Barry Zaritsky? Brad Dorfman???? Johnny Rad? With this honor comes responsibility…

[Source: Boardistan] – Thanks to Tito for the tip.


  1. I’d like to nominate CHRISTIAN SLATER.

  2. Prickly Pete on February 6, 2009 - Reply

    Army Corps of Engineers!

  3. Daddy-Yo. Where mere mortals simply saw a strap-on, he visualized a skateboard-design revolution.

  4. Dammit Fitz, now I wanna punch a toddler again.

  5. DocMurdock on February 9, 2009 - Reply

    is that graphic parodying the most famous Michael Phelps Bong Photo?

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