Wisconsin Kickflip dominance

1546 kickflip record

Remember when Wisconsin boy Zach Kral destroyed that pasty faced Dutch kid’s old world record? Well, some other kid beat him again, and I kind of lost interest in the whole thing. That is, until Zach broke it again last week (on his 14th birthday) at the 4 Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love the midwest (as long as I’m not there in the winter) and this was as good an excuse as any to re-use a good graphic. The new record, according to the folks at Guiness is 1,546 consecutive kickflips. Under their rules, no body part can touch the ground at all. Dang, I should have lumped this together with the other Guiness record post. Everyone seems to be slow in updating, even his father!


  1. sutherlin mike on December 1, 2008 - Reply

    damn my toes usually touch the ground when I catch my kickflips plus I can usually only do one in a row. I guess I better remember to try to try to at least land 2 in a row.

  2. Eric Cherry on December 1, 2008 - Reply

    I wonder what brand of shoes that kid wore? I don’t think anything I’ve had since Airwalk 540’s could withstand that kinda abuse. I wear a size 14, I don’t think I can stand on a board without my toes touching the ground.

  3. […] Kral of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has brought the Guinness world record for kickflips back to real America. USA! USA! USA! Apparently it’s gone back and forth between him and some kid in the Netherlands, […]

  4. wow. i landed three heel flips in a row yesterday and felt pretty good about it. nice work kiddo!

  5. i’m SO close to breaking my record of 0 consecutive kickflips this winter.

  6. I bet I could take him in a Super Burrito eating contest

  7. sutherlin mike on December 2, 2008 - Reply

    I ate one sonic breakfast burrito in a row. I coulda ate several more if i had money for em.

  8. Zach wore Fallens during this event, which was video taped from start to finish for Guinness. He can only eat 2 burritos. Check out his pics on his myspace…(2nd page of his albums)

    Thanks for all the support!

  9. We are very proud to have such a dedicated rider on our team! He did this record for himself on his birthday! Way to go Zach! Keep up the good work.

  10. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    dedicated to a single purpose, the new trend in pro ranks, the one trick pony……now go and learn heel flips ya little shit.

  11. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    And you know Ronka has the pimp clothing , I mean they have there own myspace page so you know they are blowing up…

  12. Ryan,
    He’s no one trick pony. He’s been competing in expert level since turning 13. The kickflip thing is just to show the rest of the world how strong he is physically and mentally. What Guinness Record do you hold? The most negative comments about a little kid? You should be proud. Oh, If you’d like to skate against Zach, we extend an open invitation. Ditto from Ronka…

  13. Kragon – Don’t let Ryan get to you, after all it’s his mission to Heckle, hence his name.

  14. Thanks Kilwag. That must mean that NOBODY takes him seriously. Too bad he has to comment about something that took 3 hours of gut wrenching work to complete. Peace!

  15. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    I have done at least 1000 scum carves without ever touching the lip

  16. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    by the way Kragon, nobody should take anything or anybody serious in this temporary condition called life.

  17. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    childbirth is 3 hours of gut wrenching work, 1500 kickflips is a kid playing around and doing what he enjoys doing, skating, having it in the Guinness book is simply an exercise in ego inflation

  18. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    I also checked your website Kragon, you make fucking board racks for snowboards, skateboards and wakeboards. vampire companies like you need to die and quit feeding off the bloated corpse skateboarding.

  19. kragon board racks on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    100% money back guarantee on all of our products!

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  20. Ryan,
    I bet your mom wishes she had given up on your birth after about 15 minutes. There is no way she could be proud to have brought you into this world. I’m sure many other agree..

    Why don’t you tell us all about your businesses, your records and anything at all that you’ve contributed to this thing called life. Short list, I bet.

  21. Ryan,
    Your just another do nothing, be nothing loser. I guess you’ve acccepted your role in life, though. You seem to do both well.

  22. Ryan,
    I bet, with your cranial capacity, your mother was able to give birth to you in 15 minutes. Probably like birthing a baby with a marble for a head. hahahaha

  23. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    see your not remembering the most important rule of life, don’t take anything or anybody serious, especially me, and it seems you are taking me way too serious cause you seem to be upset by what I have typed. I am getting much humor from reading your emotionally laced reactions to my heckles. As for businesses and records, what do they have to do with anything that is relevant about life. Everyday I awaken I am happy to be alive and I flourish in the energy patterns of our universe, do you? or are you busy selling crappy board hangers for 20$ a pop?

  24. Ryan,
    Why are you taking me so seriously, then? If you think that life is about not taking things seriously, then I can understand why you are so jealous of others accomplishments. I feel bad if you ever reproduce, though. Your kids will also end up as do nothings. Of course, I’ll be there to point that out to them. By the way, selling board racks sure does make for a good life. I just want to know what you’ve done and you obviously are avoiding a response. Bonehead! I’m done with you.

  25. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    what is a good life? lots of money?lol

  26. Only thing missing from this thread is a comment from DaddyYo.

  27. …that’s lke saying Beetlejuice…

  28. DaddyYo on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    Heckler – don’t be a dick.

    There is a difference between expressing a valid contrary social/political/design belief and being a troll.

    I do the former quite often because skateboarders, for the most part, are neo-liberal punks. You are doing the latter – why? Because you have a problem with world records?

    There you go thor – the thread is complete.

    Hottle – is that you?

  29. Ryan Heckler on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    After perusing the Guinness web site, I think I’m a shoe in for getting into the book, I mean I could easily beat the longest nipple hair,being a troll and all. The current champ is a measly 127mm.

  30. I thought this site was called SNA “Skate and Annoy”, not ASS, “Annoy Senior Skaters.”
    More skateboarding, less Annoyance.

  31. YANCY PETTIBONE on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    “neo-liberal punks”…yeah we better watch out for them..and communists…and cyber punks too lol
    alot of passion on a topic that wont be remembered by most in 5 weeks or by anyone in 5 years. I have no clue who daddyo is but for someone who seemingly holds liberals and skateboarders in such a low regard, and who proclaims he is not a troll, well,what motivates you to visit SNA? Seems like this site would be the opposite interest of a conservative individual who has little to no respect for skaters.

  32. luis marcelo gustavo reyes contrares hermano gonzalez-arrelano on December 3, 2008 - Reply

    skate and/or annoy?

  33. DaddyYo on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    Yancy – I’ll answer your post because, as usual, social/political discussions are always much more interesting to most everyone than is skatepark design or kickflip records.

    I’ll answer your questions and correct your assumptions in reverse order. If you really want to see how we got off topic take a look back at the post by thor requesting my opinion. Then look back at what Carl posted to the Steel Bridge discussion.

    I didn’t say I had no respect for skaters. Implying that I said I did and then addressing that false attribution is just a common liberal tactic to lie about an opposing opinion. Noboby buys it but liberals.

    I came to this site because I saw a post concerning skatepark design. I am a skateboarder (of sorts) and I am interested in skatepark design. There was no restriction by S&A as to who could post responses to this topic or what opinions could be expressed.

    I do not respect liberalism. Not all skaters are liberals and most of those that claim to be are typical neo-libs who are just going along to get along with their skate buddies. Ask about specific policies that inform their political affiliation and you’ll see that they don’t have anything to back up their positions. Like these people – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm1KOBMg1Y8.

    It doesn’t take anyone very long to look at skateboarder culture to see that skateboarders cultivate the punk image. Do you disagree or do you say that skateboarders are mainstream, everyday, run-of-the-mill, common athletes like football players and in-line skaters? As usual, skateboarders want to be punks and then get their panties in a knot when someone calls them punks.

    I agree – commies should definitely be watched very closely, especially the one in the “Office of President Elect”.

  34. Ah, and there it is… the bitterness of the epic fail… AWESOME!

    Yancy – Trolls will not be shut out. They need their name to be seen over and over on the interwebby… they need to feel superior… they need to tell you how superior they are, because you are obviously so inferior you can’t see it for yourself…

    Banishment will silence them in some instances, as it has in 4 relevant cases I know about, but trolls fester… and always come back… you can’t stop them… kinda like pissed off democrats, only different.

    You just have to sit back and laugh. For without trolls, we could only laugh at ourselves, and that’s no fun now is it? 😉

  35. I used to be into skate park design. I’m now into kickflip records.

    Have any of the other message boards with DaddyYo Cancer found an effective treatment? They say that early detection is the key to beating it.

  36. Ryan Heckler on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    I always thought a good firm grip was key to beating it and the occasional magazine

  37. ” I am a skateboarder (of sorts)”. Now it is all begining to make sence.

  38. DaddyYo on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    Nik – what “bitterness” are you referring to in your childish cliché of “fail” that you think is “awesome”?

    If you think that criticism of Obama is bitterness then I include you in with the many “Dancing With the Stars” voters who are responsible for electing him and his Clinton administration retreads. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the Clinton induced economic failure we are experiencing effect liberals AND conservatives. I’m sure you haven’t noticed now that the election is over your short attention span has drifted to gay marriage or some other “civil right” outrage du jour.

    Was it bitterness that fed your Bush hatred syndrome for eight years?

    Also, that was a good illustration of the standard liberal method of labeling a false attribute (bitterness and superiority) and then attempting to verify that falsehood by self reference. As I said, only liberals buy that kind of lie.

    There, you have been “pwned”…..RAD!

  39. calmer than you are on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    haha, total non-sense and the defensive explainations on your post show how severely insecure and self aware you are, which makes all your crap worse.

    throwing around the word liar and stamping your little feet about the election results on this thread wont distract anyone here from the fact that all you have done is insult,falsely characterize and quarrel with the skateboarders here.
    you’ll respond to anything/everything..its funny tho.. for all of us…keep up the good work.

    you should probably stick to making an asshat of yourself in TN..dont forget to take yourself seriously and be super defensive and totally full of shit.

  40. Nice try Mikey. Again, though, I wasn’t talking to you.

    “You just have to sit back and laugh. For without trolls, we could only laugh at ourselves, and that’s no fun now is it? “

    -sits back…-

  41. DaddyYo on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    “Concretin Nik Says:
    December 4th, 2008 at 12:08 pm
    Nice try Mikey. Again, though, I wasn’t talking to you.”

    Well then Nickey – here’s a hint for making yourself clear when posting on forums – either quote what you are replying to or use the name of the person to whom you are responding.

    -sitting back and laughing at you-

  42. DaddyYo on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    calmer than you are – Wow, than was really calmer-than-me.

    It is only nonsense to you because you can’t understand it. I didn’t call anyone a liar (I said what they said was a lie).

    I didn’t characterize anyone in a way that they don’t characterize themselves. Are you a creative, expressive, radical, skate punk or just a typical person that happens to ride a skateboard?

    Sorry, I thought we were just having a discussion. I guess you calling me names turns it into a quarrel. I only respond to what I want to respond to.

    Don’t forget to be a little kid and change your screen name when you respond so nobody knows how stupid you are.

  43. Keep on tryin’ – whatever gives you that special feeling inside.

  44. jakeferranti on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    posting with silly screen names is my coy way of being lighthearted and hopefully not being taken too seriously.
    maybe i should have Heckler write my jokes-he seems to have become funnier lately.
    “it is only non-sense because to you because you cant understand it” -nah, it was only non-sense because you were scrambling a defense and citing bullshit rather than truth.
    but wipe the tears away and keep it comming.

    “i didnt characterize anyone in a way they dont characterize themselves” -c’mon now, your just acting childish. you have characterized based off YOUR opinions, not facts or their proclaimations. thats like saying “i didnt insult you, you insulted yourself by having a different opinion”. grow up a little if you’re trying to get into serious debates.

    “either quote what you are replying to or use the name of the person to whom you are responding”-he did, “Yancy-trolls will not be shut out”-concretin nik
    so pretty clear nik was addressing me.

    and dude, i dont know what you think a discussion is but stop while your behind, cause i think anyone thinks they have had a “discussion” with you here yet.
    but what do i do? as you have really “pwned” me..haha
    pretty immature,and not in a cool way.
    crap, im just perpetuating you to respond arent i? oh well. someone will sleep good tonight.

  45. DaddyYo on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    Okay, I’m bored with you dickheads now.

    Go back to dressing alike, following other around and being different just like everyone else.

    I my short experience with this sport I have found that, for some reason, the ones in their early to late 20’s are pretty decent people. Those that are the punks are real punks but most are just regular guys.

    The children, teenagers and old guys are usually the biggest assholes. Strange. Nik, just to satisfy my social science curiosity, can you explain why that is?

    I guess all the other groups are either trying to emulate or are jealous of those in their 20’s. Is that it?

  46. max hunkington III on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    hahahahaha…yeah, its everyone else in your broad demographic that has the problem, not you..sorry we bore you too.. maybe you’ll find some sweetheart in his late 20’s to engage in self-serving, psuedo-intellectual chats with.
    tho its pretty clear you already have a shitload of cool friends.

  47. A simple google search of daddyyo shows that he himself has changed his screenname on one forum, called someone a troll on another (oh the irony), and taken legal action to have skate photos taken at a skatepark removed from flickr or one of those deals.

    I mean he’s such a supreme douche, that taking him on or disrespecting him is like punching a toddler. It’s just too easy and carries with it no satisfaction or net result of any worth.

    My favorite is the one where he opposed sidewalks because perverts could pick up your kids and easily run off with them. I shit you not, he wrote that. You can’t argue with that kind on logic, man.

    I come to SNA more now that he’s here, which is good for Randy, which I suspect is why he isn’t banned. I’ve seen this guy do the same shit for years now. Just have fun with it.

  48. I’m thinking of starting a seminar titled “More web traffic through annoyance.”

    I’m on the verge of actually adding a forum (yeah cause the skateboarding web really needs it…) but now I’m remembering why I shouldn’t.

  49. jakeferranti on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    hold on Carl, wait a minute, back up the truck;
    punching a toddler carries no satisfaction or net result of any worth?
    what if the toddlers’ obnoxious?
    or they try to play with your favorite toy?
    i suppose you would agree with that brats mom in court and the judge too, huh? whatever.

  50. You’re right.. I apologize and clarify.. It’s like punching a toddler that is just minding their own business and not bothering me.

  51. jakeferranti on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    ok then. thats a language i can understand. telling me i cant punch out a toddler fair and square, well, you might as well rip up the constitution before my eyes.

  52. DaddyYo what is your occupation?

  53. DaddyYo on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    I work part-time as a pre-school teacher and donate the rest of my time to read stories and play games with terminally ill children at Schriners Hospital.
    I was also the founder of the Seattle Seven.

    No, seriously I strangle rent-boys in my basement.

  54. Has anyone considered that Daddy Yo may be enemycombatant under a different name? Although I think enemycombatant had good taste in music, which makes him not a total douche like Daddy Yo.

  55. Dickheads, punks and assholes… tee hee… I mean, yawn

    Carl and Jake, LMAO! Fkn toddlers!

  56. here’s a great douchey example of Mr Flowboard Daddyo aka Michael Poindexter just ruining SPS before the egos ruined it from within:


    here he is as ‘micmac’ and guess what? he got banned from the skate Tennessee forum as well:


  57. I totally forgot about him crying like a little bitch on the Concrete Diapers site as well. Slagged the fuck out of a local skate company unwarranted.


    here he is getting BANNED from CD, which is one hell of an amazing achievement to say the least:


    anyway, flush this turd. be nice and flush twice.

  58. jakeferranti on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    i checked those links it was just insight into how frustrating and sad his life is. i almost feel sorry for him…
    turns out though that i dont really care.

    lets just agree that he is a busy guy with lots of important stuff to do and thats why we wont hear from him again. ever.

  59. Ryan Heckler on December 4, 2008 - Reply

    WOW!!! this post got off topic, it was about screwing with peoples’ pride over knowing someone who has accomplished getting into the world record book while they sell crappy sports hangers for a living…..

  60. DaddyYo on December 5, 2008 - Reply

    Wow Bobcat you sure spent a lot of time stalking me.

    Was it you that left the half a beer and cigarettes outside my bathroom window?

    I take pride in all my banishments and harassments by you assholes.

  61. “They need their name to be seen over and over on the interwebby…” but I repeat myself myself…

    I love the interweb.

  62. DaddyYo on December 5, 2008 - Reply

    “Concretin Nik Says:
    December 5th, 2008 at 10:55 am
    “They need their name to be seen over and over on the interwebby…” but I repeat myself myself…

    I love the interweb.”

    I guess you do. That is why you have a web site and kiss skateboarders ass all over the interweb so people will like you.

    You repeat yourself becuase you have nothing to say.

  63. Kilwag,
    If my son ever sets another record I promise not to let you know.

  64. Ryan Heckler on December 6, 2008 - Reply

    now it all makes sense, he’s your son, well 1000 pardons for insulting him for breaking his own record. your multi-sports racks still blow though.

  65. Yeah, Kragon, keep your good news to yourself for crying out loud!

  66. […] Kral of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has brought the Guinness world record for kickflips back to real America. USA! USA! USA! Apparently it’s gone back and forth between him and some kid in the Netherlands, […]

  67. i wanna call some bitchassness on ryan heckler and daddy yo. first, heckler, cant you just by happy for the guy? he accomplished something and you have nothing but hate for the poor kid… i think its awsome that he got this. congradulations.
    second, daddy yo a skateboarder of sorts… thats the lamest thing ever. you sound like your more into the buisness side of skating rather then just going out and shreddin. eather way, this kid did something awsome and u guys are bitchasses… now stop writing on messageboards and go get some… especially you daddy yo… skate for the 2nd time this year!

  68. I congratulate the kid on his accomplishment and never said that I didn’t. I’m all for someone setting a goal and working hard to achieve that goal.

    Second, I ride four days a week and have for four years straight. I am not in the skateboarding business in any way.

  69. enemy combatant on December 15, 2008 - Reply

    Paige Said:

    “I think enemycombatant had good taste in music”

    I love you too sweetie. Could it be that deep down Paige actually likes men? If word gets out it could ruin her reputation at all those joints on Hawthorne!

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