She was… an American Girl


I’m struggling for references here. Everyone knows Petty’s Free Fallin’ video features a girl skateboarding. Well, he also has a song called American Girl, and this is, uh, an American Girl doll with a skateboard. Tah-dah!

The American Girl Skateboard Outfit for Doll + Book

Her American Girl can grab a skateboard and get ready to roll with this sporty set.

The American Girl doll phenomenon is a good example of marketing to a consumer society. The dolls are customizable to look just like you, and expensive. They have their own furniture and outfits. They even have “salons” where girls can take their dolls to hang out, have tea and generally do doll-type things that involve spending money on licensed accessories.


American Girls can be skateboard superstars with this set, featuring:

A tread-top skateboard with a graphic on back
A fitted tank top with shirred shoulders
A hoodie with a zipper and floral screen print
Camo-print shorts with cutaway front pockets and patch pockets in back
Slip-on shoes with frayed edges
Hair bands to keep her hair styled while she does stunts
Includes the A to Z Guide to Trying New Things book for girls, a guide that encourages girls to try something new


Surprisingly, the little skateboard looks pretty decent, as far as realism goes. I can’t get a feel for the scale though, but the dolls are about 12-14″ tall.


Did you know, one of the big attractions of these dolls is the ability to buy matching, expensive clothes for the little girls that own them.


Right. Here’s the page form the catalog. Get yours now for $30. Of course the doll will set you back almost $100.

American Girl doll Skateboard outfit with book


  1. I’ve see this board and it looks pretty good – made to scale with working trucks.

    Maybe this is what Tech Deck did with thier unsold stock of “Hand Boards”.

  2. If I had a daughter, don’t think I would want her to read a book called “The A-to-Z Guide to Trying New Things” and then go hang out with skateboarders.

  3. as I was looking at this post my daughter came in almost saw so I clicked it away as if it were porn. I have been avoiding these dolls for awhile now. their clothes are worth way more than mine. american girl dolls are worth more in terms of $, than third world real girls. sick (like “sicko” as opposed to “rad”). don’t let your little girl see this shit, unless you want to explain the whole $30 outfit thing.

  4. poopbreak on December 30, 2008 - Reply

    wow…um…wow…is there a word that means both disturbing and fascinating?

  5. Simply Stupid on December 30, 2008 - Reply

    They think skateboarders like Fashion.

    Where can I get a tread top skateboard? What is a treat top skateboard?

  6. so I clicked it away as if it were porn. I

    WINNER: Curtis!

  7. Okay, I’ll confess–my 8 year old has an american girl, and since she also skates with me, I got her this outfit for xmas. The board is indeed realistic, and it has a little elastic strap to hold the board to the doll’s feet. Kind of like the old Suspenders that Hackett had on the cover of Skateboarder mag way back when. Anybody ever actually ever have those?

  8. I have that same outfit

  9. I share my ramp with a bunch of stuffed animals already. I take a run then they take a run or three.

  10. they should market “father and daughter (and doll)” macthing outfits. that would be sweet if some dudes had to show up at the park wearing american girl gear.

  11. Alright John e – make with the pictures of the board,

  12. what is realistic about this set up it that for skateboarding she won’t be wearing her helmet, only ponytail holders and a hoodie. yet if you buy her a set of rollerblades, she’ll get full safety gear.

  13. curtis – I noticed that too. Also, no wrist guards.

    Wrist injuries are the most common injury type in in-line skating.

    Head injuries are the most common in skateboarding. The result of skateboarder’s head injuries are clear by the the quality of posts addressing political issues on SNA. I think that is why most skateboarders are also liberals.

  14. it’s ok to respond to daddy yo since he has been banned. you can go back and respond to any of his writings, they have all sort have been the same.
    most skateboarders I come across are too young to be liberals or conservatives. they are just kids. the ones who are commenting on here are most likely older and have political views. I just assume all older skaters have some sort of RADICAL vein in thinking. even if they lean to the “left”. why? because skating breaks you from time to time. it weeds out the weak. most people don’t start skating when they are old enough to have political views. some spunky types will take up skating as an adult, but most everyone who skates who is over 30 has been doing it since they were a kid. so why should “grown up” skaters trust the government or cops, or the media, or all that right wing bullshit??? we as a whole have lived our lives if only to skate, and we have grown up under a sort of oppression as a social group. it’s only recently that the “skatepark revolution” has sort of changed that, and that revolution is a “pacifyer” anyway. so older skaters could be steriotyped as liberal by the un-educated. by un-educated, as far as skateboarders and skateboarding is concerned, I mean people who have no clue what it has been like to have grown up a skateboarder.
    speaking of “pacifyers”…. will the dude who has the american girl doll please post a nude shot of your kid’s doll? I know these are made to look like your little princess so make sure to crop out her head. I’m just trying to get a idea of how realistic these dolls are. I am verrrrrrry currious to find out if you can get a chunky and/or fat american girl??? or do they flatter the fatter??? the straps on the board do intimidate me because, if my kid’s stuffed animals get ahold of this board their transfer/arial skills are going to be on a new level, and I will no longer be the best skater in my scene. thanks again to Skate And Annoy to introduceing me to daddy yo and Keeani Lei!!

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