GVK #40: The other Doctor

Grover\'s Video Korner

So my old friend Dr. Krohn has a birthday, the day after this video premiers. His age will remain a mystery, much like the type under ware he wears. I have known this guy for a while and I can’t believe he made it this far. (Many of my friends quit skating) With all the money in the world, (he rivals some of the Sheiks in Dubai as far as wealth is concerned,) you would think he would have his own Sno-Cone machine. He keeps it real though by cruising a cold war stick and a vanagon 91-carat “polar3”. Happy birthday, “WOLFSBLOOD”.

P.S. Concentrate on landing more.

Grover’s Video Korner #40: Miiddle Aged youth. “Sponsor Me Video”

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Crappy YouTube version.


  1. assholewes on November 24, 2008 - Reply

    happy birthday Brad! fartin dust…

  2. Happy Birthday Brad. Nice editing GVK. Good times.

  3. Many happy returns of the day. Great video.

  4. The Other Doctor on November 24, 2008 - Reply

    Thanks dudes! God I fall a lot.

  5. Voiceover makes the vid. Dr Brad needs to cultivate the straw hat and Skull Skates shirt ensemble. That’s a good look for you.

  6. “He keeps it real though by cruising a cold war stick and a vanagon 91-carat “polar3”

    don’t forget the Honda Elite

  7. Happy b-day Brad! This video proves your only as old as you think you are….

  8. Happy Birthday Brad!

  9. Slitburn on November 25, 2008 - Reply

    Brad, not sure who the other troy is but “Happy Birthday” from me too. From million dollar moe too.

  10. Happy Birthday! Great phone messages…. maybe you’ll pass the test someday….

  11. Thanks again dudes…Skate and Destroy Yourselves!

  12. So, if I found a wild moose with a peptic ulcer and chronic masturbatory syndrome, what should I do?

  13. perfect, let’s end on that.

  14. Jim & Amy on November 25, 2008 - Reply

    Dr Brad- happy birthday! We can’t wait to celebrate with you in Seattle- here’s to another excellent year.

  15. My hero (I’m way over the hill too! 45 this year and still skating)… happy birthday!

  16. he skates like a man of 34 (me) great job!

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