Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory

Rob Dyrdek\'s Fantasy Factory

At first I thought this was a private facility owned by Rob Dyrdek, but it turns out this is the set of his new MTV show titled Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. The show is… right, who cares? But the set looks pretty amazing. I like the fake trees and plants. Nice attention to detail. More photos thanks to Transworld after the jump.

– Thanks to JF for the tip.

Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory

I guess the show is in preproduction. There aren’t any official announcements as of yet. The slideshow starts at #6. I guess they really want you to see the puppy. Facility shots start at #1. UPDATE: looks like Transworld may have pulled the shots. Not sure if this is temporary or not.


  1. I can count at least three different bank grades in these photos. I guess Dyrdek doesn’t have “perfect pitch.”

  2. Ryan Heckler on October 28, 2008 - Reply

    maybe he is just so talented that he has a wider degree of acceptable pitch in his repertoire.

  3. Estes' Ghost on October 28, 2008 - Reply

    Add a perfect tranny’d peanut bowl and call it my backyard when I win the lottery.

  4. Zed-word on October 28, 2008 - Reply

    Kilwag! Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to tease the mentally impaired.

  5. Dude u rock… livin every Skater’s Fantasy. Love ur show. Drama’s a puss. Give em hell

  6. Jamessaywhat on March 3, 2009 - Reply

    I love this show. I mean I used to skate but its been forever. This show has brought me to start skating again.

  7. justin on March 31, 2009 - Reply

    i no were the factory is and u guys dont no hahah lol=]

  8. Dalton on April 7, 2009 - Reply

    this may sound rediculous but does anyone know how to contact Rob dyrdek?

    if so email me at

  9. Avery on April 7, 2009 - Reply

    anybody no what the best kind of board is……….


  10. Ryan Heckler on April 7, 2009 - Reply

    one that isn’t broken…


  12. Dude you’re awesome

  13. Daniel on July 3, 2009 - Reply

    Hey where is Rob’s fantasy factory located

  14. I think it’s on the corner of You’re Not Invited avenue and Don’t Hold Your Breath street, in the town of Cold Day In Hell.

  15. Daniel on July 3, 2009 - Reply

    And… How would I get there from Washington

  16. i loved the eposode when you made a song for your mom. i have a great idea why dont you make a skate park for tech decks a send it to all wal-marts around the world many people will buy it trust me i know when i say many peole will buy it.hers my number and email call when you get the chance.please review thi message on your show fantasy phone)980-207-3076 email to myspace please review this on your show

  17. hey rob my name is timmy you ever thought of sending two people to the fantasy factory.

  18. hey whats up rob my name is matt carroll and me and my cuzin jake are trying to get on tv because people are saying say we are funnyand that we should get are own tv show because we do alot of funny shit and i was jw if maybe you could put us on your show and see if we are funny or not

  19. my number is 260-580-5964

  20. mbuckley on December 30, 2009 - Reply

    Hi Rob, I am your biggest fan. I have a rail infront on my parents garage. Come chill wit me! Call me. Here is my moms cell # 443-739-5555

  21. houseofneil on December 30, 2009 - Reply

    Why do so many retards post on threads like this? I mean seriously. WTF?

  22. Dave VanDerBeek on January 10, 2010 - Reply

    if any one could let rob no i would like to chat with some one about a buisiness opp i think this would be a great idea for our area if any one can make this happen please do so just would like to no what rob thinks thanks Dave VanDerBeek

  23. Robbie D. on January 10, 2010 - Reply

    i’ll be calling you all soon to hear those sucky ideas, tanks!

  24. Myself, along with many other skaters would love to skate the new fantacy factory! So…
    how do we get the chance?

  25. savannah on May 5, 2010 - Reply

    hey im hoping that my bro can get sponcered by rob he’s a

  26. Rob Dyerir-uhhwhatever on May 5, 2010 - Reply

    “Skatebourder”? Well if that means your brother is French or British no fuckin way would I sponsor!

    Proud to be an AMERICAN! Those are my expressed views. (in no way represent or implied the the same as the views of this

    And of course I read this site Randizzle my nizzle.(aw crap that’s more like Snoop,but.. you know.) It’s the bomb!

    • Joshenglish on August 1, 2012 - Reply

      Firstly british isnt a language its a general term for the uk english is the language your wrong you say you wouldnt sponsor a british or french skater wow maybe some race issues there ;
      dan cates, lee dainton, mark nicholson, boots, horsey basically anyone from death skateboards. stu graham, kohran gayle, Rodney clarke, daryl dominquez the list goes on and on all british pro skaters

      also your american correct? yet americans speak our language…english and your country was founded by white british hahaha someone dosent pay attention in class do they…

      oh and just so you know skatebourder isnt english skateborder is english

      • talentlessquitter on August 1, 2012 - Reply

        …Goff! Dossett! Rocker!

      • Johnenglish must be speaking “British” as a second language…

      • Rob(imposter) on August 3, 2012 - Reply

        Josh, I could barely understand you, it must be the British accent but don’t soil your dickey or whatever,old chap.
        Pip! pip! And for someone who founded the English language you can’t put together a sentence without fucking it all up.
        Here we use capitalize the first letter of a sentence(ie: Also). And “you’re” is “you are”, but I don’t have time to give the English an English lesson for Christ sakes.
        Also don’t get all high and mighty just cause London is hosting the summer Olympics,look who’s winning. I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you who won the American Revolution, and actually founded this country. (Americans)
        So congrats,you just made the French look better.

    • Jacoballen hewitt on January 30, 2016 - Reply

      Hey rob I’m a huge fan and why aint fantasy factory on no more and what is the number to th fantasy factory number cause me and my brother wants to talk about the factory so yea we are big skateboarder fans a lot we like the factory and reduclinases to

  27. woopsy! on May 5, 2010 - Reply

    Oh, I forgot to put up a fake “Rob” avatar…sooooo that was, uh, an utter backfire.

    • Change your email address when using alternate fake identities and that won’t happen. Rich says he won’t comment on the site anymore because the Gravatars unmasked him. He had to delete his icon.

      • To be clear, I still comment as myself. Any SnA pseudo personas that are tied to the same email account will display the same gravatar. So anyone that has used the same “hidden” email address for their alternate SnA identities will have their chosen gravatar assocciated with all of them. The easy fix for me was to not use a gravatar.

        Just wait until Grover picks a Gravatar. The whole darn site will be covered with it. 🙂

  28. JakeAndAnnoy on May 5, 2010 - Reply

    Yeah I just tried to be sneaky and added a different picture to my gravatar account but its not working now and I’m also locked out of gravatar or it says my password is bullshit or something. I’ve tried everything, I smoked a bowl I stared at my screen, I tried it again,I opened another tab and watched some videos on youtube, I smoked a bowl…

  29. Rob Dizzledyk on May 6, 2010 - Reply

    Oh hey, look it worked. It just takes 24 hours…

  30. jake macbay on July 14, 2010 - Reply

    rob who whould win in a skate computashon u or bam

    • I would win of course, because in a skate computashon, it’s all about who can compute better. And I dong mean to brag but I can compute, and how!

  31. Hi rob I skate board I really want to hand out with you so my name is Emma lacross I cant really give my phone number because I dont want any one to read it. you can just text me late.

    • Emma I would love to text you late, because that’s when I’m up(wink,wink), but I would still need your phone number right? The show is called “Rob’s Fantasy Factory” not Rob’s Psychic fuckin-factory so kick down. I’m sorry, I’m tired this morning and I haven’t had my Monster Energy Drink.(Tm)

  32. hey rob im a huge fan of your skating and what you do for the kids who love to skate my fantasy is to meet you and get a signed skateboard and to give drama a wedgie for being so lame im 13 and if you can do that please write me back

    • Hey, Thanks Zach. But your fantasy is lame as hell. It almost made me vomit with disappointment.
      It should be more like you wanna play me in a game of skate and then smoke a big blunt of the sticky-icky chronic,and after that I let you wake Drama up by punching him in the belly as hard as we both can, and then “hand out”(a-wink!) with Emma, Haley and Madison for a happy ending…to the show, of course!

  33. Madison and Haley on July 19, 2010 - Reply

    Dear Rob,
    First off we both love you show, it is just hilarious. Second of all we have come to the conclusion that you are in need of a special someone. As a suggestion maybe look into chanel. If she does not intrest you we would be more then happy to go on a girl hunt with you. Third of all Drama needs a girl also, but first he needs to cheer up. We are 16 and we would love to hear back from you.
    Madison and Haley

    • Well, Madison and Haley(very original names btw, you have any friends named “Kayla”? that would just be crazy!), at first I have to admit I was kind of sketchy on the idea of hooking up with a 16 year old girl because of the whole “pedophiles and jail” thing. But since you both would like to be my girlfriends, well that’s a combined age of 32, so Im pretty sure that’s ok. I think we can arrange something, maybe in a private chat room….anyway I have a really cool house with no parents and lots of shirts and stickers in my van so I’m sure we can work something out.

  34. mezmer on July 20, 2010 - Reply

    Dear Rob,
    How long will you continue to ballhang on MTV? I have an idea for you too! You could start up your own skateboarding league because Mountain Dew & Maloof are simply not informed enough on the sport. You can single handedly save skateboarding from the clutches of Corporate America & become a hero! Not oly will you be a hero but you will continue to profit off the sport like very few can. Great job!

    PS- How does Drama’s kids taste?

    • Dear Mezmer,


      And I’m already on top of it, thanks!

      And I don’t know how it tastes I’m still chewing on Big’s, it’s like oatmeal! But I can tell you’re dying to know so I will give you Drama’s email and you “tap the source” so to speak.

  35. Hope I answered all your questions. Tune in for the new season so you can see scattered clips of me doing the same shovit crooks and b/s tailslides I’ve been beating to death since 97′. Peace!

    • well hay rob my name is nick and i watch your t.v.shows and i want to learn all your tricks because i skate my self so when you can write me back oh and i like your house at least i think its your house. p.s. i’m your biggest fan

      • Well, haaay, Nick. Actually,my biggest fan is a 52′ Hunter Palermo (TM) in my living room,nice try ya big fibber!

  36. Jeremy on July 26, 2010 - Reply


    I love your show. It’s funny as hell. My gf and I watch it every week. I was wondering if you would be interested in coming to Lake Havasu City, Az. Thats where we live. I am trying to set up a benefit this fall. Hope to hear back from you

    • You guys know that this isn’t Rob’s web site right? I don’t think he actually reads this.

      • You probably just throw away your kid’s letters to Santa Dont’cha Randy, you cold-hearted carpetbagger!
        Let them have their fantasy….factory..whatever.
        Keeps em’ off the drugs and gives em’ hope.
        Anyway, JEREMY-
        Thank you and your giraffe for watching my show, it is funny. But not “funny as hell”. As a reputable Christian, I don’t find hell funny,in fact it’s so dreadful I get a tummy ache and irritable bowels just at the thought of it.
        Speaking of hell though, that’s where you live. I won’t be jetting off to your hot,sticky, police state anytime
        soon, thanks for the offer. I am working on my own benefit, all the time actually. ME,ME,ME…anyway, keep in touch bud.

  37. hi i am 11 years old and i wished i could come to the factory. And have a lot of fun with everybody there but i live in texas. I am watchig you show where u have horse legs on its so funny. I was watching one where u built the big skate boared.

  38. fan 1, this isn’t the real Rob D, but you seem like a nice kid.
    My advice is to google “Fantasy Factory” for the shows official website, then email your request to the show directly. Who knows, you might have a chance to get on.
    Good Luck, and get out there and skate!

  39. rob my name is kyle and I love your show its so funny Ilove skate borading just like you so pleis contak back

  40. %$^@#$$ your show is funny

  41. shane lucas on August 11, 2010 - Reply

    I love your show you are the greatest. I am a OHIOAN and it is nice to see someone from ohio doing so good in his life! it is funny stuff the crazy things that you do i wish i could come see your fantasy factory and show you how to really ride that trex lol. Keep up the great show and i will always watch it. p.s. be nice to drama lol

  42. Sam maresh on September 12, 2010 - Reply

    Hi im a big fan and i love to skate. I would like you to come and watch us skate. we want a skate park. I live in Blairstown, IA. We don’t have anywhere to skate. We always get in trouble. We started a petition for a skate park and got 50 names – all adults. I wanted you to come to city council and present it with us. It would mean alot to me if you came. I watch your show and I would love to meet you. We will not give up till we win!

    Sincerely –

    • Sam maresh on December 15, 2010 - Reply

      please awnser me rob i would love for it and i would mean alot. I haven’t given up but, i haven’t skated either.

      • If you haven’t skated Sam, then you have given up.
        Maybe you’re fat,or tired.
        Grab a can of Monster(tm)and slam it down your gullet to the extreme, homie! Feel the energy take control as the toxic green slurm thrashes through your snake run and out your pee-hole! Then enjoy the ride as the liquid meth burns off your calories, homie. Trust me, you gotta be committed.

        • Sam maresh on January 16, 2011 - Reply

          I live in Iowa and it’s kinda fuckin hard to skte in fuckin snow but i might take you up on the monster deel…. I’m not fuck fat either… and i have skated

        • Sam maresh on January 16, 2011 - Reply

          I’m commited

  43. are these people are trolls or just handicapped? i watched robs show one time. it was boring and pretentshush. whatever that means.

  44. Miles, they are clearly handicapped so have some compassion.
    If they could move their legs they would be out skating is my guess. Or walk away from the television. I will try to be less pretend-shush in the future. Precisely March,2018

  45. Rob i’ve probably seen every episode ten times and i think the show is great but every time you want to do something crazy or dangerous everyone tries to talk you out of it. If you ever need someone to do some crazy stunt with you just find me i’ll do any crazy stunt you can think of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. dear rob, i love everything you … ahh fuck it. just dont stop replying to our sincere questions. you are almost as funny as my friend jake. please please. i also do have two older sisters who you mihgt like to show around your trailer or whatever. their combined age is close to 80 so they know wassuuuuup. well anyway hit me up. i will hook it up!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marek, Im old and played out so Im all abut the cougar action. Kick down with them digits homie,and I’ll let put rat poison in Drama’s coco-puffs.

      • I meant to say kick down, and I’ll let YOU put rat poison in his coco-puffs. And if you don’t, I’ll bludgeon mini-horse to death with a cold war set-up and heavy ass indy 169’s.

  47. wats up rob ur my hero

  48. Gay. When I was a kid the only “hero’s” I had were probably snake pliskan, rambo & ninja’s. And not pussy ninja’s, hardcore shit like shogun assassin. Know why? Cuz they could break fool’s necks and smash skulls with their bare hands without even letting a fart slip. Think about it.

  49. robsdabest808 on September 21, 2010 - Reply

    hey rob if you ever read this i just want you to know your show helped me to find god and be a better person

  50. Good. It was due, you were a total asshole before.

    • robsdabest808 on November 3, 2010 - Reply

      yo rob so i started skating and stopped going to church. im a dick to everyone pretty much again but i can fs air like a fucking maniac, thanks again

  51. wat up dude my fantasy is to come and skate with you

  52. carlos rodriguez on September 28, 2010 - Reply

    yo rob your show i sick i whach it every monday its cool that you do stuff for people

  53. Seriously? None of my literate fans can post something?
    Free mini horse ride to the first person to post something that doesn’t look like a hastily written text from a drunk 4 year old.

  54. My dear Mr. Dyrdek,

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your splendid television program. I find it most edifying, entertaining, and enlightening. And the new set looks simply smashing!

    Perchance sometime in the near future you’ll have a chance to discuss the new Jonathan Franzen novel with me? I know I’m looking forward to it.


  55. Ok, so here’s the thing,reese….My producer said that because of the liability of riding mini-horse or expressed use of mini-horse as anything other than a prop for the show, we would need to insure mini-horse?
    And the thing is, mini-horse was actually shipped from a breeder in Mexicoooo…soooo….being that mini-horse has a SAG card, and is an UN-documented employee in the States….yeeeah…sooooooo…mini-horse just got deported.
    Sorry reese. Keep wathing!

  56. Screwed by NAFTA… again.

    I am disappointed, Mr. Dyrdek.

  57. Look, sorry, reese. If it’s any consolation, I got connections deep within the industry, and I’m one of the first to get the exclusive invite to this super-secret party for Cold War,soooo I can probably get you innnnnnn, Ijustneedyourcreditcardnumber…yeah?

  58. ThomasThepimp on October 4, 2010 - Reply

    hey rob heading down to your area wanted to stop by and say whats up wheres the factory at hit me up 208 9143066

  59. My fantasy would be to come down to skate with you down at the factory and mess with drama

    stefan, 11yrs old, washington state

  60. this is not rob idiot’s

  61. alrite rob ive watched ur show for too long now its about time i actually came over there from sunny england too come see your sorry ass wud it be poss lad?

  62. Just wanted to say that i totally love the show… and if i had a fantasy i would have to say that it would be to have you teach me to skate 🙂

  63. Rob your fricking off the hook dude I would loved to have been your freind just looks like you know how to spend your spare time and buisness is taken care of first. i have always busted my ass for every employer ive ever had for as much as i could get to do whatever they would pay me rite to do whatever they would want me to do and im paying for it now with my body didnt plAN ON BEING SO WORN out at my age but i am a guy that seriously honestly tell you I am a guy that has been through more shit than good people like me should ever have to go through but im still alive luckily now im liveing like its the last day for me cuz it could be like everyone as well but anyway It would be so cool if you contact me I would like to chat with ya and Chanel man she is the most beautiful women ive ever seen and would like to give her a big HUUGGG she is so cooll man if they could clone her you could market that beautiful creature for millionsss and you know it

  64. isabella on November 7, 2010 - Reply

    hey rob u ever thought to make a skate park in Baldwin Park Isabella

  65. isabella on November 7, 2010 - Reply

    it is isabella again it would mean a lot if u did this

  66. rob dyrdek on November 7, 2010 - Reply

    my checkbook and i are on our way, isabella!

  67. Plus you got Covina and Diamond Bar,nearby.

  68. isabella on November 10, 2010 - Reply

    so rob will you build the skate park in baldwin park i would appreciate that a lot

  69. Rob "not gunna pay for your park" Dyrdek on November 11, 2010 - Reply

    No, the park you have is fine. see?

  70. Aw crap,that’s actually not the one I meant to post.
    Still, it’s Baldwin Park as you can see.

  71. Chance Brown on November 11, 2010 - Reply

    I have always wanted to skate at the fantasy factory with a friend but i never have a good enough board to skate with.

  72. isabella on November 15, 2010 - Reply

    hey rob no prob i didn’t know that there was a skste park in baldwin park.

  73. isabella on November 15, 2010 - Reply

    so if u r wondering why i am taking to u because i am your biggest fan in the world.

  74. isabella on November 15, 2010 - Reply

    hey rob did u know my wish to have u at my birthday because u r my idol u r the person who reminds me to be relentless.

  75. how could i get in contact with chanel she is just the most beautiful with no composition my fantasy before I die wich could be sooner than by natureal cause may be sooner than it should be but ill tell you that stoey at a later time perhaps i could fly down to hang with you all at the factory and have a good rap session if your realy a guy that fills fantasies let me know I could travel to see your crew and have some tea or something that would be amazing and then I could die a happier man God bless you all aty the factory tell chanel shes my dream girl if

  76. hey rob i just sent a message but didnt finish it so anyway let Chanel know she has a man out there that would do anything in my power to have a conversation with her she seems so cool and has a awsome deemeener or attitude towords life it seems to me if there is a G od in heaven ill get to meet her face to face before I die thats my fantasy if for no oyher reason things have happend to me that cant be changed and i very well may be cut short on life but at least I have only a few regrets and am a good person my freinds would tell you that peace out God be you all WORDps you got cool as hell parents my where great to

  77. im a skater from the east coast so i now how it is love the show hook me up with some gear if you can!

  78. hey rob im a huge fan!!!!~!!!!! I was wondering if you could pay for me and a friend to come see you we love to skate and if you could that would be awsome!!!!

  79. DeMarco on January 24, 2011 - Reply

    Just about every comment I read here makes me want to stab myself in the eyes repeatedly. Get a grip guys.

    • Rob D. Eardick on January 24, 2011 - Reply

      Nobody likes a quitter? And “get a grip guys”??
      That’s sound advice coming from someone who read every comment on a thread, despite having to fight off the urge to stab his own eyes. Don’t be so melodramatic. It’s all in good fun.

  80. I get a good chuckle every time someone replies to this nonsense! This must be what you mean by “annoy” in Skate and Annoy.

    Stoked to see this thread is still alive after 2 years!

  81. emily stevens on March 22, 2011 - Reply

    To Rob or any one who can kindly get the message to him please – so i know im taking a shot in the dark but amazing things only happen when you take a chance. my brother and i are really big fans of yours We have been hooked since the first epic episode of rob and big. alot of your quotes and sayings are our sayings now. getting to the point … my brother is coming to see me in Cali( hes now fully recovered from being shot)…i never thought id see my brother again so we have decided to get your tattoo.. Relentless lol it our word now lol and hes proved that he is def relentless lol it would be amazing if you could maybe be there as a surprise to my brother while he gets his tat … well your tat lol i know your busy but i really want to do some thing special for him hes my hero.. and you are his.. like i said it was a shot in the dark i will still be your loving fan regardless … stay relentless son 🙂 xoxox

    • talentlessquitter on March 23, 2011 - Reply

      It was a shot in the dark…and you hit your brother? lol.

      • Robdobalina on March 23, 2011 - Reply

        Yup. Sounds like it was your brother who took a shot in the dark…

  82. JakeAndAnnoy on March 23, 2011 - Reply


  83. jamesbobier12 on September 5, 2011 - Reply

    I have a alien workshop board im 13 years old you’re my IDOL can you send me any thing signed? please.. I can 360 flat and grind so farr please reply

  84. jamesbobier12 on September 5, 2011 - Reply

    also i forgot to mention i will give you my phone number i just drank some of my monster and im gonna go skate now 😀

  85. yo rob i want skate with u but i do not want to give my phone number out people read shit like that

  86. my class thinks u look old

  87. dear, rob my class at centennial highschool think u need to start acting ur age!!!!!!!

  88. Rob(your education) on November 18, 2011 - Reply

    While I appreciate the advice Trevor, age is just a number.
    And no offense,but you have fruity name, and go to a highschool that I could probably afford to buy and then privatize. Meaning I could demand a tuition..can you afford to pay a tuition to go to your crappy school? Rather, can your parents afford to? Think about your answer carefully,and your education may depend on it.

  89. Why so scripted? I mean every show is the same show with a new “stunt”. Rob has idea, they bring in a smaller scale of the idea to factory. Then his queer cousin says this is not a good idea. Then the even queerer manager freaks out all fake style about safety. Rob acts like it is the best idea ever, and shortly starts to act like maybe this wasn’t a good idea in order to build suspense. Followed by body doubles doing the real deal with a few clips cut here and there to make it look like Rob is doing it. Rinse, repeat over and over. The race horse episode was just so bad. I feel for all the teenage boys out there that think you actually won a “horse race”.

  90. Lauren on March 12, 2012 - Reply

    Hey Rob a friend of mine is running a campaign in Los Angeles to make bad ass KickFlip wheel chairs for kids! They will have skateboard parts accessories and specially designed wheels that are so nasty lookin! Nasty in a “damn look at those wheels” way. If you are interested in hearing more contact me by email or my number is 601-927-0512…By the way and totally off the subject you are one of the most amazing and intriguing people on the planet!! If we only had more with half your awesome “get down”! Laugh and play hard fella and skate like it’s your last chance!!

  91. Caden Ritter on March 27, 2012 - Reply

    Alright Rob’s Replies were a bit Immature no offense I’m sorry. But a grown man should react to some one using terms of money the appropiate way of aproaching that situation would be to say, ” Trevor I think your comment was wrong”. But, I would react the same way if I were famous because people are stressing the hell out of you Trevor that is a stupid name too.

  92. Caden Ritter on March 27, 2012 - Reply

    I also think it would great for you Rob to make a skate park in Joplin, Missouri kid’s lost everything there!
    I went down there there are no skate parks to be found everything is just rubble.

  93. Rob Dyrdek,
    I would like to meet you in person. I wacth your show all the time and would love to be on Fantasy Factory. I’m a college student wanting to meet a hero.

  94. john thomas on April 6, 2012 - Reply

    I just want to say i want to learn to sk8 i kinda know but droping in help me pleas.

  95. Hay man rob i realy want u for this pleas my fb acount is

  96. too many people wanting info on rob n shizz. wtf. Just skate and have fun. Dont waste your time on buggin the shizz outta other people. dang.

  97. hey rob you are the biggest thing ever when i was down you made me smile! everyone says a girl cant skate well thats not true you gsve me the strangth to show people that everyone even girls can skate! I no this might not happen but i was wondering if you would like to come to my rollor skating party my brothers love you one of them justin is atistic and learning disable and alote of people make fun of him and he trys to be normal ad i say normal is different for everyone and maybe you can get through to him when he sees you! and my other brother is in penn state doing the R.O.T.C. programe and it would really be a big suprise for jimmy and i just hope you will respond thank you!

  98. Taylor on June 27, 2012 - Reply

    Dear Rob Dyrdek,

    I am your bigest fan every and I wish that you can make my fantasy come true. My fantasy is that I can play you and Drama in a game of basketball. I just sent you a email but I don’t think you got it. But if you did please please please send me a email back. And please please please make my fantasy come true in the fantasy factory. I love both of your shows and I love you please please please make my fantasy come true. I would love to met you. I love everything about you so please please please make my fantasy come true.:)

  99. Rob(imposter) on June 28, 2012 - Reply

    Taylor, I read the first two sentences and was like; “Sure,I’ll do it”.
    Then I read the rest,and decided because you used the words “fantasy” and “please” so many goddamn times it annoyed me. So I changed my mind and the answer is no. I admit it’s possible that my mood might have been affected by the dry-ass hot wings I was served at lunch. Fuckin’ Hooters doesn’t get hot wings should have hot sauce I guess,Unless I bitch about it, then the tacky ho will come back with them drowned in COLD hot sauce after the fact,like,out of sarcasm. So maybe I overreacted but,Jesus! $12 FOR A FEW DAMN HOT WINGS?!! Then a restraining order for brandishing a weapon??!! Since when is a switchblade a weapon, I use it to cut my steak…and since when is it ok to serve(a bit star like me nonetheless) such crappy wings and expect a tip. And by the way barely any of the girls there got “Hooters” or anything over a C cup, and they’re legs aren’t really that tan. It’s nylons. Lame. So, you can see why my day has been so bad.

  100. Is this rob dyrdrek if so I got a little vid for you on crosser

  101. Is Chanel on hear the gangster babe

  102. Rob I am a huge fan what is the number to fantasy factory

  103. Rob Deardick on December 20, 2012 - Reply

    How huge are you? Like, fingers so fat you need a “dailing wand” huge? Cause I gotta tell you, our facilities can only,um,accommodate,y’’ll break our elevator, Sorry it’s “FANTASY FACTORY”,not “Fat-assy Factory”.
    No offense. Hey, Merry Christmas man!

  104. DaBonerinyourDearLick on December 20, 2012 - Reply

    Yeah six months later…DearPrick

  105. Hey rob I would love to come out in your show I’m VERY adventures and love doing crazy stuff we can chill I love your show I’m from Bonita springs Florida please contact me 2396921804 I’m also a rapper in my area

  106. Dear rob I’m an elk , I don’t skate much I usually just eat and sleep all day. It would be cool to meet you.

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