Vert for sale in Hood River

Hood river vert ramp for sale

Rumor has it that the vert ramp at the Hood River skatepark is for sale. 5K is the asking price for this highly modified ramp that rests on the chassis of one of those old Firestone touring ramps consisting of a metal frame with a plexiglass surface. I think you can still actually see the plexiglass underneath. Those old Firestone ramps didn’t have any flat bottom either. These things have turned up at skateparks before, always resurfaced. I guess the plexiglass goes bad, although you would think it wouldn’t. I think this ramp was resurfaced last year? Supposedly it’s being offered for sale to public entities only, but if there are no takers after a set time period they will offer it up for all interested parties. Why is the ramp for sale? They’ve got plans for concrete in that spot. There’s no information on the offcial parks web site, but one thing is for sure, if it ever becomes available for private purchase, interested buyers will have to wrestle Steve Grover (right) for the rights to make the first offer. [Photo left: Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation]


  1. Man thats too bad. Wood vert ramps are getting hard to find these days. Thats actually my favorite part of the HR park. 🙁

  2. When I was last there I heard about this. Apparently they plan on replacing the ramp with street elements and possibly a roof.

    The funny thing is, for as big as the ramp is it, it only has about 6 inches of vert.

  3. There must be some park in the Portland plan that this would be perfect in. They should buy it and put it in one of them now, pending the full build later. 5k’s a bargain compared to cement. Tom, MC, what would this take (besides 5k…)? Lot’s of people have been hankering for a vert ramp…

  4. Ryan Heckler on September 12, 2008 - Reply

    hey, I bet Beaverton would be down to buy it……..

  5. Yeah, Beaverton. They could put it right on top of that slab. What comes around…

  6. I will pass the Info to the Gresham parks and Rec people in Gresham as well..who knows. I think it would be perfect for one of the Portland Locations under the 405 bridge. covered = less maintanence would be a good spot. There isnt much vert, but I hate to lose the only Full size wood public half pipe.

  7. backwardsbernie on September 12, 2008 - Reply

    I learned on Tom Groholski’s plexi ramp. The plexi glass would break sometimes and was really expensive to replace. Plus it was probably the slipperiest stuff i ever skated.

  8. where did that old photo of the vert ramp come from ??

    • Dirk Gidney on November 7, 2012 - Reply

      It has a full 2 feet of Vert Dude! not 6?. I know because I built it! LOL !! NO way around it as it was a steel framed preset curve. the Vert sections were add on panels bolted on at the top lips.

      Hood River news took some shots the month I finished it Sept 1999. Back then we had very little funding so I used sheet metal ontop on plywood and painted the ramps with industrial blue floor paint! Later on they added skatelite..but kind of botched it leaving big cracks between the sheets in places which was a shame. I found that frame in Mosier down the road from Hood River. Some guy had it turned upsidedown and was using it as a garage! It was u shaped no flat. With 2 feet or bolt on vert. I had help from HR highschool shop class they welded me up a 8 feet of flat by 16 feet wide..and we turned it into what you see in the pic!

  9. Oops, forgot to credit it. Fixed. Follow the link to the official skatepark site.

  10. Rumors are flying around here today. Bingen and White Salmon have expressed interest in it. I hope Grover gets it. It needs a warm home.

  11. Noooo! Putting this ramp in one of the 405 bridge parks is a great idea!

  12. I have a concrete pad waiting for that badboy presently in Beaverton for everyone to enjoy 24/7

  13. benny b bones on September 14, 2008 - Reply

    What happened to punk and metal? Why is it mandatory for all skaters nowadays to use the lamest, most obscure emo song for their video parts? Kids dig bands that make Good Charlotte look like Slayer.

    Is punk dead?

  14. Damn…. love that ramp… Hope it goes somewhere nearby…. Have to make sure session it before it goes…

  15. What are the Transitions?

  16. a pic of grover doing a madonna, why, we havent seen that before!

  17. Hey, don’t push me or I’ll post more. I’ve got…. hundreds.

  18. Jesse Mesa on September 16, 2008 - Reply


    I am interested in buying this vert ramp. How can i get in touch with the current owner? Where is it located. What are the Dimensions?

  19. Dumb biatch who got it still has not put it up 2 years now. Great work who ever made the decision to sell it to her. Seriously 2 fing years! Goverment sucks at doing the right thing.

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