Hard Times Tough

Foreclosed homes with pools

From the Addikt Skateboards blog.

RealtyTrac says 1 out of every 194 U.S. households were in some stage of foreclosure in 1Q’08 – not sure how many of those houses have pools, but I know at least nine of them do.

Get some now, cause McCain said he’s gonna change all that. Or did his advisors say American consumers were whiners? I can’t remember. Ooh! Politics and pictures of pools in the same post. Flame on!


  1. God bless Greenspan, patron saint of pool skatin’

  2. 2-3 of those look pre drained!!!!

  3. You mean Obama. The only thing McCain is going to get changed is his diaper, after he calls an orderly in the retirement home he’ll be living in after he loses the election.

  4. benny b bones on September 7, 2008 - Reply

    Since this isn’t a political site I am not going to get all worked up by ssk insinuating that Obama or the Democrats in general (or Republicans for that matter) are going to significantly change the way America works. Expect 4 more years of the status quo, doesn’t matter who you elect.

    Vote Libertarian.

  5. […] 6.1% unemployment rate and spike in foreclosures has been good news for one group besides repo men. Skaters living in what used to be suburban boom towns have had no problem finding beautifully shaped pools […]

  6. […] 2008 stehen unglaublich viele Häuser leer, weil sie zwangsversteigert werden. Und Skater besetzen die verlassenen Pools. Wie das geht, könnt Ihr in der New York Times lesen oder bei Skate and Annoy […]

  7. You too can own a home (with a pool) in California! 2-3 working skateboarders can buy a 3-4 bedroom home together with FHA loans. You don’t need that much income to get a Fannie My Community or Freddie Home Possible or FHA loan. We can help you to acquire extreme sports liability waivers and insurance. My 37 year old brother-in-law is one of our successes and has a ramp built in his garage (no need for pool in this case) that pros come to skate all the time.

  8. nweyesk8 on January 2, 2009 - Reply

    yeah, but then I would have to live in California, ewwww

  9. I wish I could drop and go… I would love to rehab one of those old houses and pool skate all night long!
    The lifestyle is what drives the sport!


  10. ‘u dont got to live in California to do pool skatin’ man. It’s not so hard to dig it up urself if u have a license.. I’ve done that..

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