Someone needs to spend more time on their homework

qwest circular

Q spotted this and Dave Tobin told me about it. It was a newspaper insert advertising Qwest high speed internet.

qwest circular-detail

I wonder if there are skateboarders out there sabotaging photo shoots on purpose to fight the commercial exploitation of skateboarding. I suppose I’ve accidentally put trucks on backwards before, Tony Hawk mentions having done it on Tony Hawk’s Trick Tips Volume One.


  1. I want to know where the warehouse sized stash of NOS tail domes is coming from.

  2. Dear qwest, my son put his board together today and he was using your picture as a reference. He is now in the hospital with two spiral fractures and will have a long rehabilitation period to come. Please send me $2.5 million or I will see you in court. And take your crappy phone back as well.

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