Novice Park(?) in Beaverton Tualatin Hills is open

Tualitin Hills - Beaverton skatepark open

Is it in Beaverton or Tualitin Hills? Is it a “novice” park or what? Who cares? The new Grindline built concrete addition to the skatepark at the Howard M. Terpenning Recreation Complex is indeed open for skating.

It’s pretty close to the original design. It looks like some rails were added and one of the existing rails was turned into a pole jam. Add some small transition to the back of the hubba and a little bit of pool coping in parts of the bowl and you’re ready. There was some heated discussion on the merits of building such a facility. Now that all the dust has settled, what’s the end result? This little park is small but fun. Very small in terms of square footage and depth, but packed full of opportunity for novice and the more skilled alike.

Where exactly is it? Follow this link. The park has lights on until 10pm. Has this been verified? Well, the rest of the park has the same lights, and they used to be kept on at night as well, although it’s been a good five or six years since I’ve been there at night. When you are done checking out these shots, head on over to EPM for some more.

Here’s a crappy shot of 180 nose grind on a fat rail. The ones with better exposures were mid-bail.
New Beaverton/Tualatin Hills skatepark addition

Lots of little places to hit tucked in everywhere. Check out the gap there. It would have been fine left alone, but it’s also got a nice little (tight) transition in there too. You can ignore it or explore it.
New Beaverton/Tualatin Hills skatepark addition

Here are some panoramas from three different corners. Click to enlarge.
New Beaverton/Tualatin Hills skatepark addition

New Beaverton/Tualatin Hills skatepark addition

New Beaverton/Tualatin Hills skatepark addition


  1. i noticed there are a lot of kids still skating that crappy looking prefab thing behind the cement park. why?

  2. Propinas on August 26, 2008 - Reply

    I noticed everybody having a good time. I noticed a rise in my pants when super hot soccer moms came by. I noticed the hotter the mom the bigger the smile i gave them and i noticed how there eyes got bigger when they saw the rise in my pants. I noticed the notice I got on my door that said “we’re raising the rent bitch”. I noticed the notice….that’s funny larry. YOU is highly observent to notice something like that. hehehehehe I’m going out there now to take notice of the spine work. look for me you’ll notice the big appendage hanging out of my shorts.

  3. I noticed that your gay. Oh, thats an AC song, not a slam on you by any means, propanus.

  4. err… OK. There are two big manual pads over at the old park where the vert ramp used to be, as well as a long ledge. When I was there taking these pictures it was mostly BMX kids on those ramps.

  5. we skated there yesterday – packed! fun as shit… and tons of bikes… uggh .. bikes… i don’t like skating with bikes….

  6. Fuck you guys. That park looks fun as shit. When did shit start havin’ to be 10 or 13 feet deep to be “good”?

    p.s. I’m .08+

  7. nweyesk8 on August 26, 2008 - Reply

    skated there today, way fun. the crappy wooden ramps were seeing as much skateboarding on them as the new concrete.

  8. yehh i go there alot theres so much stuff to do its hard to get bored but when you do most people go hit up the box/ledges in the old park the only thing that sucks is there are wayyy to many bikes scooters and roller bladers

  9. why is this park so gay like all there is is flat and tre flips for life. remodel the old park dudes. slow is for real ahahahahahahahahahah MATT L-

  10. they need to get rid of that shitty old park thats got moldy ass ramps and rusty rails and remodel everything!!!!!

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