Precious memories

skate comic about aids to memory - revised

Here’s the original:
skate comic about aids to memory


  1. MC, I am glad you brought this up, can you give a little hand plant “how to” advice here? Little plants are a breeze on the mini, but taking that to vert has been a little intimidating. ….
    kilwag, how about a “How-to of the week” (or month) section on the site. 🙂

  2. Trick tips… That’s a lot of work. I can do the how to for Wilsons…

    Funny you mention that. I’ve been thinking of trying to learn inverts in 30 sessions and documenting the whole thing. First step, Ask Mark how to do them.

  3. I wonder if Rich has a sequence that I could narrate. I usually do it Andrecht style (back rail grab behind the front foot).

  4. can you plant with the right hang AND grab with the right hand… at the same time… like in the comic…:0 🙂 😉 ???

  5. I mean “right hand” not “hang”

  6. MC, A narration of a picture sequence would be awesome!

    Kilwag, forgive my not knowing, what is a “Wilson”?

    No pressure… only if you have time.

  7. D’oh, busted on the hands. I need to flop one of those frames.

  8. lol! It just means your readers are really into it..:) I actually didn’t notice until you explained your technique and I wondered if the invert was drawn “Andrecht style”. so, I took a closer look. BTW Where did the terminology “Andrecht style” come from?

  9. Wilson: Stepping on a board and having it slip out from under you, while typically on one foot. Board flies out and you land on your back. Coined from Dennis the Menace cartoon. Dennis would leave his skateboard outside of Mr. Wilson’s front door, stairs or whatever, Mr. Wilson would “Wilson” and then yell “Dennis!!!!!!”

    Andrecht: Dave Andrecht invented it, or at least popularized it and it was named after him.

    Good catch on the grab frame! Now that’s paying attention!

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