Hayfever bowl

skate comic about why we do it


  1. I was still hacking up phlegm this morning from a super brief session there on Wednesday. That night I could barely sleep. I can’t go back unless I wear a respirator. Something there really hates my lungs. Funny thing is it doesn’t affect everyone. First time(s) in my life I’ve ever gotten sick like that from an allergic reaction. Stupid blue piece of…

  2. I know photos of a a still going pool are taboo, but what about drawings. Colin Walsh, what’s your ruling?

  3. What are you talking about? I made that up.

  4. Maybe it’s some form or airborne black mold emanating from soon to be dozed building. Wonder if anyone made it over the ladder, hypothetically speaking of course.

  5. “Apply directly to the forehead” – HAHAHAHA! It’s stuck in your head now! I just slogan fkd you!

  6. shawn on June 13, 2008 - Reply

    I really want to skate this pool!

  7. Hey MC, draw Shawn skating that pool. 🙂

  8. Livmo on June 13, 2008 - Reply

    Years ago a buddy of mine predicted that when we were older we’d contract some weird skater’s “blue lung” disease from skating pools. Hasn’t happened yet… cough, cough.

  9. heywood on June 14, 2008 - Reply

    man i cant belive you guys cant let it go yet. Paying almost 5 bucks a gallon to drive out to BFE to skate that blue turd. Ohh yea and Shawn dont bother trying to skate that thing you wont be able to do your “snow bro” airs in the corner. duchebags..

  10. Heywood, must be short for Hey, would ya teach me how to spell? That’s “douche bags.” Your insults would carry more weight if you didn’t sound like a high school drop out.

  11. On top of that, you’re talking about the wrong Shawn.

  12. Did you grind it Heywood?

  13. colin on June 14, 2008 - Reply

    i got the flu right after we went.. and i’m still nasally.. i wonder if it is related…?

  14. “I know photos of a a still going pool are taboo, but what about drawings. Colin Walsh, what’s your ruling?

    I was wondering the same thing…

  15. Thing is this pool is “uncool” and nobody wants to skate it. There must be better ones going. I mean have you ever seen people heckled for riding a pool?

  16. Well it was either that or pictures of you guys and your lemon party.

  17. its not that its “uncool” its called a “bone”. Throwing guys like you a “bone”. Bone=shitty square

  18. Guys like you… pffft! Stop mumbling!

  19. Not the best pool for sure but I’ve skated worse. I think I could get over the ladder with a couple more tries. It was a pretty cool spot when it was raining a lot two weeks ago.

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