Portland’s skatepark ambassador

MC should wear a Miss Skatepark Oregon sash when he skates Pier Park. This is his third appearance in a Portland based periodical skating Pier Park.

First time was in Portland Monthly then another shot from the same photo shoot appeared in Portland Spaces and now the Portland Oregon Visitors Association magazine Travel Portland. This time the shot is by Daniel Root This one mostly goes to people out of state.

The article is mostly of the typical clueless variety or at least he got his tenses wrong, He writes that the several year-old Newberg Skatepark is being called the best in the world. I’m also not sure he quite understands Burnside. Hey kids, instead of Disneyland, let’s visit Burnside skatepark, It says here it’s one of Tony Hawk’s favorites!


  1. Don’t forget the MC support staff/fluffers: Troy, Ryan and Rich

  2. colin walsh rules on May 23, 2008 - Reply

    that air looks really tweaked out or like the board is all sideways… cool original angle that really shows the park.

  3. Very nice, now if we could just get him to support the WAR.

  4. I do support the war,,,the war on bails!

  5. davoud on May 25, 2008 - Reply

    newberg is the best skatepark in the world?

  6. damienhialation on May 25, 2008 - Reply

    “newberg is he best skatepark in the world?”

    No, canby oregon is… I thought we’d already established this one?

  7. Newberg was, for about a year and a half, five or six years ago.

  8. World’s Top Three Skateparks:

    1) Old Pier Park
    2) Canby
    3) Newberg

  9. houseofneil on May 27, 2008 - Reply

    Welsh Pete, I’d say you’ve been in the USA too long. World Series? WOrld Champions? Not really if you don’t play teams from other countries. Similarly, if you haven’t visited every skatepark in the world, then I’d say that crowning anything “best in the world” is a little premature.

  10. Neil – Pete was making a joke that was lost on you because you don’t live out here. The first two parks on his list are clunkers. (Let me head you off at the pass Pete.. Clunkers , but fun. You make your own fun.)

  11. USA! USA!

    Of course Stockwell in Brixton is always a contender.

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