Cannon Beach complete

cannon beach oregon skatepark

Steve Grover reports that the new Cannon Beach skatepark by Placed to Ride is done. If it’s done, why is no one skateboarding in these pics? I can already hear the complaints about how much better the old park was. Brad says it’s small but fun.

According to the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce Information Center, the park is open today.

Cannon Beach skatepark A

Cannon Beach skatepark B

Cannon Beach skatepark C

Cannon Beach skatepark D

Cannon Beach skatepark E

Cannon Beach skatepark F

Here’s a shot of the old skatepark from Skate Oregon

More pictures on Stefan’s blog.


  1. Who snapped the pics?

  2. That’s Brad with Jack on his shoulders so I’m guessing Grover.

  3. colin on May 17, 2008 - Reply

    Let’s go!

  4. I’m stunned and amazed. I was going to call him and ask him to bring his camera but I forgot. I never would have guessed he would have brought a camera, much less sent them to you and got them posted already. Hot as hell up here right now. Actually that is a lie. Sun went down and it cooled off nicely.

  5. We made cool videos, he should have you post those; Jack and I officially discovered some bizzaro generation gap- we walked up to this place and I was all excited and he said “its only a skatepark”. Then I got radical and he cried because he didn’t want to wear a helmet.

  6. chaperone on May 17, 2008 - Reply

    Fun park. I showed up with my kids(Jake, Gabe, etc.) Friday as Stefan and his crew were finishing the last of it. Stefan was cool to let the kids get at it. We skated it for a few hours. A good old man park. Hot as hell tho…a kind of mini Seaside from PTR.

  7. Mini Seaside? Wow, I thought Seaside was kind of small. Fun though. Are you talking square footage wise?

    Regardless, it’s got to be a hundred times better than the lump of asphalt that was there before.

  8. chaperone on May 18, 2008 - Reply

    Yes, sq footage wise and feature wise. Everything is smaller in general and proportion. Still fun. Honestly, I think we had more fun at Cannon (and Astoria) than Seaside. That is, until we got to LC and saw the new addition. But you’re right, better than the hunk of s*** that was there before.

  9. Like the old Pier Park, at least the old Cannon Beach lump was there for skateboarders to use. I think that thing went in twenty years ago.

  10. bibget on June 29, 2008 - Reply

    i live in cannon and i think that this park is for sure a definate improvement on the old one..i go there almost every day to skate and there are some pretty crazy stuff to be had there..its not a huge park for sure, but crazy fun to ride..

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