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Urban Skates

Straight from the comments to the front page. When you think “urban,” the first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of white guys and and Tiki beach culture, right? RIGHT??? If ever there was a company with an identity crisis, it’s got to be Urban Skates. The Skub Brothers make spinner wheels and longboards, although it appears they got their start in rollerskates. They’ve even got a signature model skateboard spinner wheels. Care to hazard a guess?

– thanks to Bailgun for the tip

Urban Skates Spinner Wheels

The Skub Brothers use the USL acronym for a bunch of lines, Urban Skates Ltd., Urban Skubs Ltd., Urban Shred Ltd. and Urban Surf Ltd. It’s all beach oriented until you get to the USL Underground where it actually looks, well, you know, urban. It’s a bunch of links to skate shops and roller skate shops.

Spinner wheels are going to be a bit more expensive than standard wheels. They start at $69.95 for a set of four.

Urban Skates Skubs spinner wheels

Urban Skates Skubs spinner wheels

Notice the groove in the center of the wheel. These are EVO wheels. I swear EVO was a skateboard brand at some point, but the EVO line is from the USL roller skate lineup, which is surprisingly a lot more expensive than the skateboard wheels. From $129 to $169!
Urban Skates Skubs spinner wheels

Urban Skates Skubs spinner wheels

This is the Steve Steadham Ace of Spades spinner, with Dred Skull Logo and Steves signature on the insert. $89.95. I hope you’re getting a good chunk of that Steve!
Urban Skates spinner wheels - Steve Steadham aces model

Finally, more identity crisis, a product shot of a flat-ish cruising longboard taken on what looks like a vert ramp.
Urban Skates longboards


  1. Longboards are the latest victim of fad crime out here in Colorado. ALL the College kids have ’em. (does the hyperbole make me sound younger?) The ride has got to be smooth but I still cant see how they would be functional transportation. Can you kick turn a 30″ wheelbase? Ollie up a curb? How do you stop? Can you power slide a sponge wheel? But none of that matters because you can fit a full size keg on the front and roll it the new party spot! oh-ya!

    I caught the Steadham spinner on Steve’s myspace page a while back. I have always liked Steve, he’s one of a kind. I miss the dreads.

    • Yes you can kick turn a 30″ wheelbase, even though you’d never have to, you can ollie up curbs and roll over storm drains (lets see you do that with your 52mm wheels), and I’d love to show you how to stop by sliding those giant sponge wheels with style and authority. When your done playing with your little popsicle stick, come see how the big kids get down hill.

  2. yeah, Steadham was always a favorite of mine. Loved those long , long board slides at Del Mar in the Powell vids, and of course, his stylishly tweaked backside bonlesses. He’s come up for the Trifecta the past two years, it’s been cool to see him skate in person after all these years. I think he might miss those dreads too, they look like they might be a victim of the passage of time.

  3. Steadham is suspect. Have you seen the barf-inducing self-promotion he is doing lately? What’s the real deal with this guy. His pedestrian interview with Chris Miller in the last C.W. was a complete waste of space. In the spirit of the old printed Skate and Annoy and how harsh we were back then, I’d say he has wandered into potential Hate Page status. I heard he had a legendary ghetto box though.

  4. Yeah well.. I just like watching him skate.

  5. I was thinking about how the obvious move when GWB was installed as president would have been to invest in oil and weapons companies. We’d be sitting on a tidy profit here eight years later. When I asked what a similar investment move might be when Barry is elected, some wag said gold and rims.

  6. “hate page status”, “Barf-inducing self-promotion”? lol! ahhh the ol harshness of youth… it tends to disappear around nineteen years of age when one finely gets laid. There I go, posting uninvited again. Hoping not to overstep my bounds… just hoping to get laugh.

    I long for the harsh days of youth when I wasn’t stuck at work on a friday afternoon. I wish walmart would make a pro model shoe for ME so I could skate all day instead of work… Hey, I’m the guy that invented the McKick turn! Doesn’t anyone give a @#$%? lol! “we tried to sell out, but no one was buying”

    Your pictures rock Kilwag! I swear the lighting must be better in the north. I wish I could have seen SandA in printed form. When did you guys do the last print?

  7. errr.. I didn’t take these pictures. Or do you just mean in general? Thanks though.

    We had our last full sized print issue back in 2005. MC did the cover. It was very limited. I did a micro zine last year, should do another one. I will eventually making pdfs available for download. Maybe I’ll do a book like Conahan.

    Our rage seemed to go on well past when we got laid. I think I finally mellowed out last year.

  8. Paige on May 30, 2008 - Reply

    The guy in the pool deck looks like Hunter Thompson.

  9. Kilwag. haha! Not the spinner and longboard pics… the steadham pic said ©kilwag so I assumed… anyway I have seen lots of great pics on your site. and the earth patrol shots (Grovers?) always look great too. Is S&A your full time gig?

  10. Earth Patrol is our friend Rich Burton, who I crossed paths with a few times back in the Midwest during the 80’s but didn’t really meet him until a few years ago out here in Oregon.

    SnA a full time gig? If only I could get paid to do this!

  11. houseofneil on May 30, 2008 - Reply

    my rage is still there my friend. I just keep it at bay with english muffins and guinness.

  12. Excellent.

  13. just a little fyi…URBAN SKATES LTD. and SKUB BROTHERS are two separate companies with two different marketing targets for the same product. look for the skub brothers line of spnners to hit the REAL urban streets this summer with SNOOP, LUDACRIS, BOW WOW, BARON DAVIS, LUPE FIASCO, PHARRELL, and many more of your favorite URBAN artists rolln on SKUBS!!!!


  14. captian obvious on August 10, 2011 - Reply

    a little more fyi, dwayne-YOU’RE A KOOK, AND WE’RE ALL LAUGHING AT YOU. here’s hoping you go bankrupt.

  15. randy morales on October 1, 2012 - Reply

    awesome wheels !

  16. Alan morales on January 18, 2016 - Reply

    Where do I buy the cruiser rims?

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