AST China Vert: Do you care?

AST DEW in China

They offered to send me some pictures from the vert event in China, and I said Sure, I’d check them out, and see how they went over on the site. They were kind of stingy. Pierre-Luc Gagnon won the vert event (2nd – Andy Macdonald, 3rd- Adam Taylor) and Sandro Dias’ 900 won the best trick. I don’t know if there was a street event, all they sent was vert info. You can read the canned press and see the pics after the jump. Who knows, maybe you are curious about what Zhou Qiang, President of Xingyi New Media Investment Company has to say.

Photos: Jamie Bestwick/AST

This is Buster Halterman, from Wellsville, Pa
Buster Halterman, Wellsville, Pa

Pierre-Luc Gagnon – Canada
Pierre Luc-Gagnon

Adam Taylor from Cocoa Beach, Florida.
Who is this?

Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Pierre Luc Gagnon

Vert Winners: Andy Macdonald (2), Pierre-Luc Gagnon (1), Adam Taylor (3) – Apparently they don’t care too much. I’ve never seen such an un-stoked winners podium. Come on, fake a little enthusiasm for the cameras. Somebody’s handlers are going to get fired…
AST vert winners

Press from AST:

Pierre-Luc Gagnon Wins the AST China Invitational Skateboard Vert Event,
Sandro Dias Wins Skateboard Vert Best Trick
AST’s First International Event

BEIJING, China – Canada’s Pierre-Luc Gagnon won the Skateboard Vert event and Brazil’s Sandro Dias won the Skateboard Vert Best Trick competition Saturday at the AST China Invitational, AST’s fist international event held at Beijing International Stadium in the Daxing District.

Gagnon, 27, of Canada, executed a flawless run and multitude of highly technical tricks earning an average score of 91.75 to outdistance Andy Macdonald of Boston, Mass., who finished second at 89.50. Adam Taylor of Cocoa Beach, Fla. placed third at 78.50.

“It’s great to back in China,” said Gagnon, who placed third overall in the 2007 AST Dew Tour season. “Everyone put solid runs together, and it’s especially good to see a young kid like Adam Taylor do so well.”

“I’m stoked to be on the podium for the first time at an AST event,” said Taylor. “This is an awesome start to the year and a big step for me. I hope to get more finishes like this throughout 2008.”

Dias, 34, of Brazil, landed the first-ever 900 in China capturing first place in the Skateboard Vert Best Trick competition. Danny Mayer of Omaha, Neb. placed second with a backside 360 kickflip melon followed by Macdonald in third with a nollie heel varial body variel slob grab.

“Landing the 900 was the greatest birthday gift I could give to myself,” said Dias. “I’m looking forward to trying the 900 throughout the 2008 AST Dew Tour season.”

The two-day competition is the first AST international event and features skateboarding (vert and park) and BMX vert. Sunday’s action features Skateboard Park finals and a fan-friendly BMX Vert exhibition.

AST China Invitational Results

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beijing, China

Skateboard Vert Final

1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Canada, 91.75. 2. Andy Macdonald, Boston, Mass., 89.50. 3. Adam Taylor, Cocoa Beach, Fla., 78.50. 4. Sandro Dias, Brazil, 78.25. 5. Alex Perelson, San Diego, Calif., 77.00. 6. Buster Halterman, Wellsville, Pa., 71.25. 7. Anthony Furlong, Tampa, Fla., 61.25. 8. Rune Glifberg, Denmark, 50.25. 9. Jean Postec, France, 43.00. 10. Danny Mayer, Omaha, Neb., 37.00.

Skateboard Vert Best Trick Final

1. Sandro Dias, Brazil, 900. 2. Danny Mayer, Omaha, Neb., backside 360 kickfilp melon. 3. Andy Macdonald, Boston, Mass., nollie heel varial body variel slob grab.

Sunday, April 20

AST China Invitational A Success In Beijing, China

BEIJING, China – The AST China Invitational concluded Sunday, April 20 at Beijing International Stadium in the Daxing District. After exciting competition on Saturday, the skate park finals, scheduled for Sunday, were cancelled due to rain.

“We consider the 2008 AST China Invitational a success,” said Zhou Qiang, President of Xingyi New Media Investment Company. “Great crowds turned out to witness a fantastic skateboard vert competition on Saturday and we’re excited to show Beijing and the Daxing District to the world through the international event coverage. This event has, and will continue to generate Chinese interest in action sports.”

“We couldn’t be more excited with the success of the first-ever AST China Invitational,” said Wade Martin, AST president. “The Chinese organizing committee did a exceptional job and staged a fantastic competition and overall experience for the athletes. We look forward to continuing this great partnership in the future.”

The first of five stops on the 2008 AST Dew Tour will be in Baltimore, from June 19-22 for the Panasonic Open.


  1. Buster Halterman should have been the winner hands down, that is if Reese Simpson didn’t enter.
    Looks like pre-Olympic hype to me…China is a crappy third world toilet that just happens to own the United States, literally.

  2. Is there no action in other sports? You’ve been AS’T!

  3. duders on May 12, 2008 - Reply

    China is a crappy third world toilet

    Come on now.. besides coming off as slightly offensive, you better watch what you say. We’re only in Iraq/Iran/Middle east to position ourselves for the end game WWIII with China.

  4. soreknee on May 12, 2008 - Reply

    Cold War Skateboard, Old Man Army, crappy Chinese skateboards, roving bands of post apocalyptic old men on skateboards,
    Brad in a Army green jumpsuit?

    Soooooo many jokes.

  5. krasauskas on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Buster is goofy footed… unless thats a switch bside isnt buster

  6. sorry duders, but i hate china, as theyve taken over in my northern california hometown. im glad the earthquake sucked most of those cockroaches back into the earth. just like roaches, for every one you see, theres a hundred you dont!
    i do like the happy ending massages though.

  7. Jakeandannoy on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    HA,HA What a knob, bitching about asian immigrants in CA is like fussing about finding an onion ring in your fries. Who cares and it aint gunna change.

    Those “cockroaches” started one of the oldest known civilizations and numeric caculation and they pretty much own California.

    They should just call it Calichina.

    WTF do you think we got the $$ for these stimulus checks anyway?

    If you hate China so much, I’ll take your handout from them if you like….

  8. krasauskas – Buster is the name they gave me for that photo, not even just “Buster” but “Buster!” have you considered that it could be a fakie rock slide?

  9. uh yeah jake….no shit they own california. in fact they own the whole country, all they have to do is call for just one of our debts to be paid and that’s it. they only tolerate us because we import and consume their cheap inferior goods and “let them in” to take over. i never said they weren’t smart, in fact all their kids go to school after school and on saturdays. conversely, if we were smart, we would have stuck to the old way of deporting them and having no ties to the US. alas, they are nuclear and outnumber us tenfold, so its only a matter of time until the united states turns into a third world country just like china. thanks wto, thanks nafta, thanks fucking jimmy carter, thanks billary, thanks liberals who thinks all this is “ok”.

  10. Jakeandannoy on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Well simmer down, I dont agree with your abrasive immigration views but you have the right to voice them, we are in America.

    The irony in my eyes is that from day one America was founded by the immigrants that “discovered” it.

    So if we “let them” buy us out i dont know how significant our grips are. I cant see how having beef against a race or country will help.

    That being said, I grew up in L.A so I cant sympathize with any complaints about asian invasion. And exlcuding chinese maple, has nothing to do with my skateboarding interests.

    I think you should track down this “Animal Chin” guy and he might put things in perspective for you. I think he’s somewhere in Norcal actually.
    Have you seen him?

  11. krasauskas on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Simmer down there Kilwag. Def not a rock to fakie.. no need to get sensetive.. wasnt dissing the messenger just the fact that he is goofy and that aint no rock to fakie… switch lipslide maybe …

  12. believe it or not, i have found animal chin. i am happy. i am a family man, aenjoy skating and golfing, drumming, and whatever else i am into.
    america was founded by immigrants, yes. however, the difference most people today choose to ignore is this:
    our forefathers assimilated to american culture, whilst immigrants today do not. as a matter of fact, we are forced to assimilate with THEM, as most people follow the CNN type liberal networks.
    i actually have nothing against any particular people, i just hate all people that choose to come over here and expect us to accomodate THEM, while they refuse to even do something as simple as learn english. then they barbecue dogs, cram their families of 25 into an apartment, and so forth. by them being here, they blow it for hard working americans who make a very modest living that need the services that outr country provides to its citizens.
    i honestly don’t believe i am racist. i hang out with people of all races. howver i am sure my words can be construed as hatespeech or whatever you want to call it. you in fact called me a knob because i have expressed my views. i believe i speak for what most people believe but are ashamed or afraid to admit.

  13. krasauskas – You misinterpreted me, I’m not peeved, I was just trying to point out that they seemed pretty positive it was Buster, as it was the only file name with an exclamation point, like the photog knew him or something.

  14. krasauskas on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    gotcha.. well the photogs name look like a bmxer so that would explain plenty 🙂

  15. simmer down!

  16. Jakeandannoy on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Well, I started it with namecalling, my apoly’s.

    I think I stated what most are thinking when we see arbitrary immigration rants like that so there ya go.

    I somewhat agree with the peril(should you look at it that way)of having to adjust, rather than assimilate or accomodate. Like when you were an only child and then baby brother comes along. Then things are shared, and neither is entitled to better quality of life. As seniority doesnt deterime who belongs, and I hate to use hippy language, but the point is to coexist. Anything else is sort of counter productive and you cant change the situation or turn back time. I didnt accuse you of being racist either but again, free country, so thats your choice. My choice is to go skate but Im stuck between work and tired politics. Its a moot point anyway.

    You just sounded cranky and disenfranchised, like my grandpa. I almost expected a rant on changing the face of our currency or bank lines next.

    Try to consider Americans havent really florished in other countries either and if someone doesnt speak your language here, dont talk to them then.
    I have more than a few friends who have visited europe extensively and none of them can speak dutch or German.

  17. Jakeandannoy on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Also BBQ’ing dogs & cramming families of 25…you could also be describing hispanic immigrants in east L.A but cracked me up none the less. At least you have a good sense of humor.

  18. yeah, illegal mexicans aren’t at the top of my friends list on myspace either…or H1B indians for that matter…but anyway, Im just a guy who has 3 wonderful boys and i want them to experience a great America, not an overrun cesspool. I want to cry when i see what this country has become over the past 10 years especially. I don’t pick up the guys at home depot for work because I’d rather do the work myself and also I don’t want them here. I wish everyone would do the same. It’s really a mess. Look at what has happened with the Chinese toothpaste and dog food. Poisoned our American population. That’s just the tip of the iceberg I am afraid. Y’know, I’m not a McCain supporter necessarily as you might think. I may even vote Obama. I listen to Howard Stern religiously. I skate. I’m not conservative by any means. However, I am a patriot and I want the country to get on the right path. I think alot of people agree. Most of you are in the Northwest, and you don’t see the glut of problems illegals bring. In fact, most people who leave California for Oregon and Washington are doing so to get away from this. It certainly isn’t for the great weather. SnA probably isn’t the place to rant on these subjects, but ya know I’m not racist so I won’t do it on resist or whatever. So let’s leave it at that Jake and everyone else. I care about the skating community, and every community that is American. I don’t plan on ever running for public orifice so don’t worry.

  19. CHINA on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    China still cool…YOU PAY LATER!

  20. CHINA on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    I understand your sentiment for american tradion and Im a father of two and things have definitely changed.
    I’ll give you that it is harder to raise your children and give your family security in this country now, more than ever.
    But hold on, you said we assimilated to this country after our arrival. Ummm, “assimilation” is not what comes ot mind. “Manifest destiny” does tho. We didnt embrace native American culure., we trampled it. Raped them physically and of their land and stoked our bonfires with their corpses.
    I wouldnt consider than assimilating. Ah, but alas, they have their reservations and casino’s.
    Ok, I’ll drop this shit now.

  21. LP – I think you should quit while you are ahead, more like massively behind. Immigration is a sensitive subject, but rejoicing in the deaths of innocents because of where they live and the color of their skin… well that sure sounds racist.

    SnA definitely isn’t the place to rant on these subjects. Let’s stick to skateboarding please.

  22. whatever, i believe what i believe and stand by it. let it be, let it be, let it be, oh let it be. there will be an answer, let it be.
    skating it is from here on out. china has a pretty good skatepark, and orange chicken from panda express ain’t half bad, so hey.

  23. Actually, I think I heard that big Chinese park is kind of breaking up as it is sinking/settling into the sand.

  24. kind of like everything else they build…

  25. duders on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    LP: All this talk of raising your 3 kids with the shit you’re spewing, I certainly hope at least one of the three doesnt turn out to be a hateful racist like their father.

    ps CNN liberal? ha ha ha ha ha… you’re just as brainwashed as some of the far left liberals I know. Enjoy your ignorance, it’s all you have left.

  26. duders on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    ps – Funny how you say that the chinese have taken over your nor cal town.. when it was you/me/us that took it over from those H1B Indians way back when.

    whatever, over and out.

  27. duders on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    re H1B indians, my bad, you were referring to the high tech indians from india, the ones they import because they’re smarter than you and me. not the ones we have thanksgiving blankets to.

  28. sorry if i offended your “free-thinking” mind duders…like i said im not racist at all. as Gabbo would say, “Im a bad wittle boy”.
    In fact, you’re gonna like me, you’re gonna love me, cuz i can do most anything…I can dance the hully gully. I can imitate Vin Scully! It’s the greatest show in town! Gabbo!

  29. soreknee on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Not to keep this going but I had to put my two cents in.
    My wife, laid off after 5 years, job outsourced to Mexico.
    Me, laid off after 10 years, my job was not outsourced they simply no longer
    wanted to pay the salary I had earned through being a good employee.
    They did offer to let us keep our job at 20,000 less a year; no one took their offer so we have been give a one months notice and forced to train our replacement who they have hired for half the wage.
    45 people with families and mortgages got the shaft.
    My son is 16 and has been looking for a part time job for a year now without any luck, because it seems that every entry level unskilled job (pumping gas, washing dishes, flipping burgers) have been give to illegal or not so illegal immigrants.
    I am not a racist and hate no one but I do agree with LP that it is getting hard to live and raise a family in this country.
    Big business is running this country into the ground, there are no penalties for hiring illegal immigrants, they can ship any job they want to the country with the cheapest labor, and now it seems that if they simply don’t want to pay you what you’ve earned over the last 10 years they just have you train your replacement.
    If any of you think that you are safe think again, if there is someone out there that will do the job cheaper you will be the next to get the shaft.
    I guess the point is I do not blame immigrants for wanting a better life and coming to this country looking for it but there a just not enough jobs to support everyone.
    People talk a big game about how this country was founded by immigrants but would anyone of you give up half of your yearly income so a immigrant family can have a better life, because that is the path that we are on.

  30. i feel your pain soreknee and really thats the point i am trying to get across. im definitely not racist and definitely not as eloquent in my words as you are. but i feel the same exact way.

  31. Soreknee – That blows. Where/what was your work?

  32. There’s going to always be someone out there that will do your job for cheaper. Sad, but that’s how it rolls.

  33. JAKEANDANNOY on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    No, its not the path we are on. I mean, how can you say all of America is even on one, let alone the same path?

    That’s a bit more than ridiculous to assume. Its “recockulous”.

    Our diversity works for and against us but you cant hold the entire country responsible for a myriad of choices being made, by different entities.

    At the turn of the(19th)century they were pretty much giving away land parcels and goverment/civil service jobs to the variety of immigrants comming here by the boatload. Competition, foreign criminals, and fighting poverty were all issues associated with immigration then.
    I wouldnt willingly give my job to anyone,unless they were dying and that were the cure. That has nothing to do with it. I dont think Im exempt from Soreknee’s situation and would agree noone here is.

    I’d sooner concur with the arguement that our country is selling out, rather than being invaded tho.

    I like Doug Stanhopes rant, that if some disorented, 1/2 starved mexican dude with no shoes can step off a truck and snag your job by meeting the same qualifications, your fucked.
    At least it’s a funny way to see things.

    My lengthy point is: rhetoric or skateboarding, choose wisely. Because our dry season is approaching and you can either have a summer of good sessions or lament on American immigration all old timey style with the whole go back to Africa-close the book on others-what happened to the good old days bullshit. Our country is degenerating, changing for the worse, etc but its nothing new.
    Shit, you guys sound like Grapes of Wrath it cracks me up.
    Head back out californie way, I dunno, but I will never cry or stamp my privilaged American feet about the issue. Think for a second that Mexicans are also competing with other Mexicans for those jobs they are “stealing” from us so who will work for less isnt the only factor involved. I might know what Im talking about, Ive seen both sides in experience and worked as a landscape foreman for a few years, in AZ, and was born and raised in L.A.
    Or maybe Im wrong and immigrants will invade my home and eat my children while I sleep. SK8ANDIMMIGRATE

  34. duders on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    NAFTA and free trade agreements are bad for US workers, but they are or were backed bipartisan and not limited to the democrats or the republicans. i believe NAFTA was pushed through during clintons time, but a slew of other “trade liberalization” measures have passed or been proposed since bush was in office. both parties are evil fucks catering to corporate interests, so lay off the “liberal media” bullshit. LP probably some of your opinions arent that bad but you come off as someone who listens to KSFO too much and watches too much Sean Hannity. Think for yourself.

  35. soreknee on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Thanks LP and Kilwag, it does blow.
    I would prefer not to give out the name of the company because I know a lot of your readers work for, have worked for or support this company.
    Let’s just say I work in the IT industry for a huge conglomerate, and many big companies these days are finding it is cheaper to outsource to India, Mexico any number of places that the work can be done cheaper.
    My position was not outsourced to another country but the small portion of the big conglomerate that I work for was sold off to another company to save money and the only way to save money was to cut people and replace them with cheaper labor.
    There will still be somebody sitting at my desk doing my job; they will just be doing it for a lot less.

  36. JAKEANDANNOY on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    Im sympathetic to your situation Soreknee, I wasnt trying to make light of that shit.
    You seem intelligent enough so I bet life moved on and you are working again right? In some other “3rd world countries” another job or recovery from that wouldnt even be an option. If our world leader left us as a 3rd world country(I know, recockulous to imagine) I dont think we would want to quarentined and stonewalled from migrating to, say, Canada……

  37. soreknee on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    You are right JAKEANDANNOY my example was to loose.
    The paths will be clearly marked RICH and POOR.
    Some will succeed and some will not.
    But I would like to think I was on the right path, busted my ass, went to college, majored in what I thought was an up and coming industry, got a job with a good company, started a 401K, purchased a house and had a couple kid not necessarily in that order but I was living the dream.
    Now I have one kid that’s a couple years from college another that needs braces and I am looking at cashing in my 401K to pay my mortgage in the hopes that I can avoid tapping into the kid’s college fund.
    It may not hit our generation as hard but I can not help but look at my kids and think how screwed that generation is.

  38. JAKEANDANNOY on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    “I can not help but look at my kids and think how screwed their generation is”

    I agree with that.

    However, our parents might have had that same premonition.

  39. soreknee on May 13, 2008 - Reply

    “However, our parents might have had that same premonition.”

    Don’t know you or your parents but my parents are in there early 60s, when I grew up in the 80s my parents believed as long as you went to college the world was your oyster.
    That opinion has changed.

    Sorry for the rant this really is not the place.
    On a happier note, over the last several months, before I found out I was being laid off I started buying a couple pieces of lumber a paycheck I have all the wood and I’m about half way done with my mini.
    My day is done I’m going home to crack a beer sit in my car port and work on my mini.
    No job equals more skate.

    Who would have thought that a post about vert in China would have sparked this lively debate.

  40. yeah and again sorry if i offended anyone here, but sometimes you have to offend to stand up for what you believe. i don’t listen to “ksfo and sean hannity”…like i said, stern is the only program i listen to religiously and thats as “liberal” as it comes. i just love my country, and believe hard work should bring fortune, not outsourcing. i worked at a company that outsourced to cheap labor in idaho. that seems like the good ol’ days, seeing as now when you call a bank or your dsl’s support line you get a person in another continent. the quest for cheap labor is america’s downfall. that’s the way it is. greed trumps morals every time. anyway, back to skating.

  41. JAKEANDANNOY on May 14, 2008 - Reply

    No one was offended, at least I wasnt.

    It is kinda odd that this went from a calloused view on the Chinese and their recent disaster, to immigration and corporate business ethics. Anyway,

    Soreknee, if you live in Clark county or Multnomah, thats close enough for me to come help with your ramp…and your beer, I can help with that too.
    If you need any help get my email from Kilwag.

    I understand the contention. I work in a corporate office environment and things are pretty disapointing.
    Talk about unfair, the president of this company is absetee and doesnt do shit unless it comes to a grinding halt. So these antics have put we who are busting our asses further behind. The reward is to have his 21 year old son come in and make his spending money by impeding my work and doing a 1/2 baked job with my accounts.

    Eventually he will get some of my commission that I work hard and proper for. I didnt ask for his “help” and I didnt fuck up or do anything wrong to warrent this. This kid is alright but he has a very privilaged life and I support a family. I dunno whats worse, I mean I still have a job(that I resent)but I will take a significant loss of pay so this nice white rich kid(not hard working impoverished immigrant) can have some easy money and confidence that is usually earned through strong work ethic.

    And I’ve got to train him and try to not hate the guy.
    I didnt do shit in school but I worked hard and patiently to get my job and I could go on but who cares
    Life is shit, The world is shit and were all gunna die for our ignorance. The end

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