You’ve got to let that raga drop

Bahrain skate action

Welsh Pete via Sleestak found this video of some Arab skateboarding action that complements some of the stuff we’ve posted lately. Rather than reinterpret, I’ll poach use his own words:

So between the ages of 10 and 17 I lived in Bahrain. The only kids that really skated were us Brits and Yanks. Not many Bahrainis skated. So its good to see them getting into it. One of my friend’s was just out there and he sent me this vid of the locs trying to kill themselves…. Thats right you can have all these preconceived ideas about Muslims and Arabs but some like skateboarding, fucking about and heavy metal just like you….

Well, I don’t like heavy metal, (except Dethklok and the Darkness) but I like skateboarding. This is the kind of thing Pete should be posting on Skate and Annoy instead of making be poach it from him.

WAZE Bahrain skateboarders


  1. the Darkness is not heavy metal, I gotta clear that up. More like “Duran Duran with their nuts in vice-grips”

  2. the Darkness rules O.K.

  3. i guess calling the Darkness heavy metal is like calling Good Charlotte punk rock? To the new generation of tight pants wearing homoerotic long hairs, i guess they don’t know any better.
    my kids will be getting the Slayer education. They already love the Toy Dolls version of “The Final Countdown” with the kazoos.

  4. houseofneil on April 14, 2008 - Reply

    Slayer? Whatever. Heavy metal existed long before that shit.

    Take Thin Lizzy and add Queen. Shake it up with some Spinal Tap, and there you have The Darkness.

    In the words of Bruce Foxton, “Don’t take it too serious, not many do”.

  5. houseofneil on April 14, 2008 - Reply

    And I meant “shit” like, that genre. Not that Slayer themselves are shit. Not my cup of tea but I can appreciate what they do.

  6. yeah neil, im aware of bands like saxon and venom and slade…its just that slayer is my favorite band of all time, at least through seasons.

  7. Sorry Hessians.

  8. Listen to Angel Witch, a little known band called Iron Maiden opened for them back in the days and got big because of them. Now thats some good classic metal. Remember “Am I Evil?” by Metallica off their 1st album? Thats a cover of Diamond Head another awesome NWOBHM band.

    Rainbow/Deep Purple, Scorpions and Judas Priest are the roots of modern metal with palm muting riffs and dual harmonics. Of course, it’s just all fucking music to me.

  9. I remember “I am an evil boy” by Stiv Bators. I knew including The Darkness would raise some hackles. I should have said Iron Butterfly.

    I am not a fan of Metal. However, for reasons unknown, I really, really find myself enjoying Dethklok. Probably because I can’t take the genre seriously, but I enjoy it when it has a sense of humor.

    I can’t believe I forgot to upload the intro picture.

    I can’t believe the metal discussion has highjacked the purpose of including this video.

  10. orezona on April 14, 2008 - Reply

    Hey, I watched the video on mute because I’m at work…

    Looks like they are having fun on their boards to me.

  11. lets just all agree that Sublime sucks farts out of dead frogs and we’ll be cool

  12. Agreed!

  13. There is just something killer about anybody trying to bombdrop or freejump to their board as big as they can. Especially if you figure in the fact that their dick security guard is probably authorized to shoot on arrival or practice loss of limb for damaging property. Either way, this is a killer vid.

  14. When we used to skate in Bahrain, the security didn’t really know what to make of it. We had a few years of all the spots we wanted. After sometime, they decided it wasn’t cool after all. I saw the inside of Bahraini police cells, on several occasions as a result.

  15. POLE JAM !

  16. quickies..u guys make bahrain proud that we have amazing skaters like you i cant believe this was posted into google..amazing..cant wait 2 c your new movie if youll make a third one

  17. Kickflipbeast on September 9, 2011 - Reply

    All I can say is that BH built us to be a no pain, no gain type of skateboarders. We skate really sketchy spots, we got used to skating bricks and rough asphalt. I bet if they build a skatepark here we’ll definetly murder the park. But BH doesn’t even know we skaters here exists.

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