Who wants to go skateboarding?

comic about skateboarding outings


  1. …and you know I’m worth it maaaaan! Viva Skateboarding!

  2. Prickly Pete on April 16, 2008 - Reply

    Must be the same everywhere. Someone’s always got to stop to pick up a Thickburger and a lottery ticket. Then talk about his bad diet and what he’d do with a million dollars. Lucky for them gas is too expensive to drive by myself.

  3. Ouch! Yeah, tell my wife about it… She mentally adds two hours to the time I say I’ll b e back.

  4. Grover rules he knows all the short cuts and helps his friends. He really is the best person in the world. Or so I am told?

  5. Definitely a high-maintenance crew. 🙂

  6. Pinchy on April 16, 2008 - Reply

    mc – the comic strip is really funny…..remember though it is the journey not the destination that is important!
    peace out- pinchy

  7. I thought those twelve phone calls only lead to getting to the gas station, Then the space cruise, then to the destination. If I had a choice, I’m ridin with Grover.

  8. enemy combatant on April 16, 2008 - Reply

    To save time you should just try riding the streets right by your house. Of course you would probably need to get a little longer board, trucks that actually turn, maybe some softer wheels…

  9. Gotta buy the lotto tkt on roadtrips! That way I can say Skateboarding made me a millionaire!

  10. You left out the part where I arrive 15 minutes late and it still takes Grover an extra 15 minutes to wrap everything up and actually leave.

  11. Pinchy on April 16, 2008 - Reply

    …or maybe just don’t go skate at all, huh EC?

  12. I think “pinchy” is drunk.

  13. Or where you say, ok, it’s time to go, and Grover starts a Fly out session! FLY OUT!!!!

  14. I personally like throwing down ninja smokebombs by hyping everyone up for a skatepark then going to somewhere totally random.

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