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What if you really like a song on your favorite skate video and can’t be bothered to fast forward to the credits at the end of the video to see who it is? Or maybe you only watch pirated videos on YouTube and you can’t read the the tiny pixelated smudges. Maybe you are just musically illiterate, and can’t recognize Black Sabbath or David Bowie when you hear it. Is this you? Then head on over to Skateboard Soundtrack where they are in the process of breaking it all down for you, sometimes video part by video part, complete with appropriate “buy now” links to Amazon, and what I assume is some sort of revenue share program through an advertising service and iTunes. They have about 50 videos up so far. Sure, Skim the Fat already provides soundtrack information and more, but they aren’t trying to make money off it, and you don’t want to support a bunch of communists do you? I mean, next thing you know, all skateboard videos will be filmed in China (or Vancouver).

Skate and Annoy, Nice Skateboard website. Can you please add us to your links page at – The Most Extensive Skateboard Video Soundtrack Music Listing Directory. We have already added a link to your page.

Hmmm.. I’m looking for it (our link) and I just can’t find it. Gasp! Am I the victim of automated spam? The horror! Yes, I’m aware of the irony of providing their link in this post anyway. One time I watched a skate video and enjoyed it so much that I actually did look for the song in the credits, and then I went out and bought the album. And no, that video soundtrack info isn’t on Skateboard Soundtrack.

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  1. hopefully the h-street shackle me not soundtrack will be up soon. anyone know a website where i can “back up” my soundtrack with the mp3s of those songs? i found wonderful broken thing but really want johnny monster and the nightmares.

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