From the undisputed leader?

X Games Shoes

Here’s what the ad in the March Transworld Business says:

From the undisputed leader… The X Games™ creators of the most high profile action sports competition on the planet, has teamed up with NSS™ to introduce a line of footwear truly worthy of a podium sweep.

If the quality of the X Games skateboards are anything to judge by, you can be sure these shoes will be top notch. You can get a closer look at the 14, X-F1 and Allyoop after the jump. Push for gold!

Click to enlarge.
X Games Shoes advert


  1. houseofneil on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    they spent no time on design I see. Flipping ugly as hell.

  2. wont you look extreme in those.

  3. nweyesk8 on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    those are ‘Extreme’ly ugly

  4. soreknee on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    I don’t care what they look like, the big red X is cool enough for me.

  5. colin walsh rules on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    nss arent bad shoes, i grabbed a pair at fredys for 25 bucks, had em for a while and they still hold strong, but those ones look a little lame…. if your really looking for a deal go to BIG 5 and pick up a pair of VISIONS for 19$!!! they are high tops and bad asssssss

  6. Undisputed Leader? In recent dumbassity(tm) perhaps…

  7. orezona on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    take away all the gay xgames “flair” and you’ve got cheap knock offs of Emericas.

  8. nweyesk8 on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    who needs knockoffs, if i can keep finding 12$ vans at roth’s

  9. Prickly Pete on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    I always see these destitute, chain smoking grandpa types wearing the ones on the right. I think they must sell ’em at WalMart or they’re redeemable with Camel Coupons. The middle shoe is perfect for the cocky teen who will one day become that leatherfaced senior, waiting for a dusty Greyhound to nowhere. The one on the left is actually halfway cool looking except for that red X.

  10. damienhialation on April 22, 2008 - Reply

    Do these “NSS” guys still spell their name with the lower case “n” with no accent mark and all in lower case block letters so it looks like “ass” shoes?

    p.s. i hate all shoe companies that don’t make size 15! Bah!

  11. I bought a pair of NSS shoes and they rubbed the bursa sac on my heel causing irriation. MY heel would be inflamed and I could barely walk. It took over a year for this to stop happening on and off after getting rid of the shoes.

  12. Ryan Heckler on April 22, 2008 - Reply

    you mean that red ‘X’ is actually on the shoe?!?! I thought it was the cross-hairs of a sniper putting those shoes out of our misery.

  13. joey Lawrence on June 3, 2008 - Reply

    WOw – this is probably one of the gayest brands I have ever witnessed in my 20 years as a skateboarder. I have noting against the X-games as a contest, but a contest as a brand – come one? Especially a contest only affiliated with ESPN.. Whats the deal NSS? Cant make enough money off Big 5 and Kohls..

  14. the 14 actually looks pretty good in person if you take the x off. the x’s are just patches and you just cut the stitching and it comes right off.

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