Concrete Wave tackles 411vm

Evolutions Video Magazine Preview

Concrete Wave looks like it’s going to try and tackle 411, in a round about way. Evolutions Video On Line is going to be the, err… online companion to the annual DVD freebie Evolutions. Where Evolutions is essentially a series of adverts from different entities, the preview of On Line looks to be formatted the same way that 411 is, but with a different content type. As with the printed mag, the tagline is 100% Skateboarding (as long as it isn’t street and rails, actually.) Looks like a lot of downhill, slalom, “freeride cruising”, some bowl/park riding and yes, even a little freestyle, which apparently has been renamed “flatland.” Seriously, what’s with all the renaming? Downhill is now called Speedboarding, Freestyle is Flatland… what’s next? How about coping bumping? I wonder if Rodney Mullen pees his pants with hysterical laughter when he sees that 1- People are still practicing traditional freestyle (sorry, flatland), and 2- Traditional freestyle skating hasn’t progressed any since he dominated it (to death) in the 80’s. The first installment of Evolutions Video On Line is set to hit this summer. You can watch a preview after the jump.

Evolutions Video Magazine Preview


  1. Mullen for president!

  2. nweyesk8 on April 18, 2008 - Reply

    of course flatland/freestyle progressed. have you not seen any of today’s popular skateboarding videos? freestyle/flatland is now in 3D. today’s pro’s have elevated flatland to include the 3rd dimension of up(ledges) and down(stairs).

  3. Yeah, but that’s not the flatland freestyle featured in this video, which is why I made sure to include the workd “traditional” in front of it. I’m talking about the contests held on a flat piece of concrete with no obstacles. You can still buy a “Freetsyle” board and there are still a few contests.

  4. IMO, Mullen made street skating what it is today. “It’s so big!”

  5. nweyesk8 on April 18, 2008 - Reply

    so there are still some flatland contests, most recently, the “kickflip challenge”. It counts as a “traditional” freestyle contest by your definition 🙂

  6. Yeah, I guess it would.

  7. Mullen should show up at those just to heckle the competitors.

  8. hi i enjoyed the read

  9. Damn, no buttboarding segment.

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