Chris Strople deck is king of eBay

Chris Strople

Main I’ve been remiss with this one because it happened before Christmas!

Big news! We have a new champion! The $6,000 Hawk is no longer the high price champ! On December 18 2007 a Caster Chris Strople was won at auction for $6,099. It’s a flat deck with 2 layers of fiberglass between the plies. It’s been set up and ridden, and has a Woody space plate on the tail.

What’s more amazing to me is that it’s not mint or really even close. It’s in good condition sure, but has some dings and some rub marks on the wheel-wells. Plus, the nose guard and tail guard really detract in my humble opinion. And the graphic? Well, there really isn’t one, so it won’t look like much hanging on the wall. But of course, it’s not as if these show up every day, so those are probably minor quibbles. It was probably a grail that they buyer’s been searching for for years, so congratulations! And the seller? It probably went higher than his wildest dreams. So well done to both of you!

And before I get any emails, I know that decks have probably fetched more than this in private transactions, but this is an ebay column, so that’s my focus.

Behold, the new high priced champ of ebay!


  1. it’s like on the third indiana jones movie when they’re choosing the holy grail. the ones with all the diamonds and rubies were the wrong ones, and the plainest ugliest one was indeed the real deal.

  2. meekster on April 21, 2008 - Reply

    Nice, Chris Strople the innovator of the all mighty “ally oop”!

  3. Surely you don’t mean he invented those X-Games shoes…

    Har.har. I met Chris last summer. Seemed like a decent guy.

  4. I had one of those until a year or so ago. It had been my rider when I stopped skating in 1980. Mine was in far worse condition but that did mean you could see the fibreglass construction on the nose and tail where it was worn. It was definately the nicest feeling non-concave board I ever rode, lovely shape too, sort of half way between the super-functional wide tailed DTS style boards and something more surf board inspired. The thing was also slightly thinner than a standard wood deck with just a little springy flex. Really wish i’d kept it but I sold off almost all of my old stuff on ebay a few years back. I got almost nothing for it but it did have an inch off the nose and tail and a ‘custom’ fish scale paint job done by 15 year old me. I miss it more than any of my other old skate gear 🙁

  5. GorgeGoat on April 22, 2008 - Reply

    Strople puts to “ope” in dope! Awesome Chris. Yer hot again……LOL!

  6. Chris Strople on April 24, 2008 - Reply

    Thanks for the post up on the board. Us dinosaurs still get some props. I guess this board proves all the graphic stuff is overrated. Sometimes you stand out by not standing out at all. I let my skating do all the talking back then and the boards were of unheard of quality. Most major manufacturers were going to mass produced crap back then and we stuck to our guns and made what we considered the highest quality boards. Caster’s surfboard background dictated no less. As us old guys know quality is still the driving factor in all of our skate equipment. The youth have been brainwashed to skate crap and they do. We know better but don’t tell them…..Great site, enjoy it daily, hope to be in the NW this summer for some the best skating on the planet….

  7. Flynnnaryd on May 20, 2008 - Reply

    Great site!! jonesing for another update!!! Do I need to send you a clash tape and a pint of Canadian Cider!!

  8. houseofneil on May 21, 2008 - Reply

    yes, get on that, immediately.

    It’s coming. About 2/3 of the way done, but now we have decent weather I skate on the weekends instead of sitting in front of a laptop doing the watch. I hope to get it finished by this weekend.

  9. Flynnnaryd on May 22, 2008 - Reply

    Thank you for the post.. did you see the minty Grisham with variflex core wheels in Ebay in April. I was lucky to get it. but I never realized how awesome those boards were wow»» were they the same construction as the casters. One of the lighest nicest shaped decks I have seen.

  10. let’s face facts–the strople/inouye decks were GAME CHANGERS.
    if you were marginal,ok OR STANDIN’ ON THE EDGE OF GETTIN’ IT ON—- they could GET YOU THERE.
    that’s why.
    Graphics be DAMNED.

    • Winston T. Grant on June 28, 2010 - Reply

      Yeah–that’s right–I SAID IT.
      Hosoi used a Caster to stomp Hawk’s ASS in the CASL DECADES ago–Look it UP.
      We could do FAR worse than bring them BACK-look around you at the stupid popsicle-stick ‘revolution’–whatta JOKE-we have computers now–and the manus are selling dogshit and calling it GOLD.

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