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While the PowerBoard can be presented as a new type of skateboard, it’s attraction reaches beyond that of conventional skateboards. Adults, as well as children and teens are drawn to the PowerBoard’s high-tech/high-performance image. The PowerBoard is an exciting new exercise machine, a means of transportation, and a high performance sport vehicle all-in-one.

The prototype looks pretty heavy to be “small and light enough to be picked up and carried indoors!”

From the PowerBoard web site, since these things tend to disappear overnight:


The PowerBoard is an exciting new type of skateboard with an innovative pedal drive system. Like a regular skateboard, the PowerBoard can be ridden totally hands free, but the PowerBoard is propelled by pedaling, which is more efficient than pushing off the ground. The PowerBoard is built to go the distance – great for cruising yet small and light enough to be picked up and carried indoors!

Powerboard animation


The foot-supporting surface, or deck, of the PowerBoard is divided into two pedals that function independently of one another. Each pedal interfaces with a drive mechanism, that engages whenever the pedal is pushed down. This causes the wheels to rotate and propel the vehicle forward with any downward push of your foot. When you lift your foot, the pedal springs up, ready to re-engage the drive mechanism when the pedal is pushed down again.

Powerboard details


Steering is accomplished by side-to-side tilting, the same as with a conventional skateboard. The commercial model of the PowerBoard will be equipped with a handle for easy carrying and a simple mechanism for holding the pedals in the more convenient “down” position.

Powerboard details


  1. that is the 2nd most retarded thing i’ve seen

  2. I agree, right after in-line skates, copers, heelies, Powell Bonite, flipping mounting hardware upside down,
    Big Slime and 66 wheels, clear griptape ( especially with dirty stickers underneath), Alva & Scmitt Stixx shapes, ,,,,,,,, anyone else????????

  3. no way, stan, i have a schmitt ripsaw reissue and it takes me back to happier times. in 87 i had copers, and in 86 clear griptape with dirty stickers underneath. all the “cool” skaters had the upside down bolts (not me
    ). maybe i just dint know better? at any rate, certainly you cant call the dogtown fingers murray shape retarded. by the way, never got the money for the cd–were you buying it elsewhere?

  4. Minus the in-lines and heelies, I just used my 1987 & 1989 memories to talk some shit. Though “fingers was a few years before my day, I would be banned from skateboarding if I talked shit about any Dogtown member. Except maybe Eric Dressen. The Schmitts were always way too small, with jagged edges? Ok , the albas alvas were cool, so was Tony. I just used that name becuse Zorlacs rocker boards slipped my mind for about two minutes. Yes flow is in the mail. Ok, I’m putting it in the mail right now. Thanks for the line and time.

  5. you would talk shit about dressen? damn stan. damn. btw the ripsaw isnt too small for me, 10 by 30?

  6. The only schmitt stixx I ever had was the chris miller with the wolve on it. I’m sure I could have gotten it bigger. However, I’m just tryin to make kilwag and the others reflect back. See it worked. I totally love Eric D. when I was a kid, I thought he was core of Dogtown.(boy was I wrong) He’s a killer true skater though.(street/mini/vert)

  7. houseofneil on April 29, 2008 - Reply

    Stan, I don’t understand a thing you said. How do copers, clear griptape or big wheels (66mm is big?) equate to the powerboard? All of those things can be used on a regular skateboard, and many still ride with big wheels or clear griptape.

    Not everybody rides the same setup thank god, even though the industry would like us to. I guarantee that NOBODY rides the poweboard.

  8. Though not mathmatical, it is a very simple equation. Bobcat said that the powerboard is the 2nd most “RETARDED” thing he ever saw. So I thought to myself?, ” I wonder what bobcat thinks is the most retarderd thing”! Well copers are retarded. Outside Tommy Geurreros long S.F. stair grind while searching for Chin. Then clear griptape, since it was made to display your logos. However, as kids the first thing we do is run our boards down dirt trails or skate with dirty feet. That always looks good on the clear tape. Then there are the Route 66 wheels. They are what they are, 66 mm, an E bay treasure. I know they were made for vert. So I say this with a plethra of RESPECT on this site. Those fuckin wheels suck bad. I forgot nose bonkers and skidplates. Also I forgot hot pink rails on the left and neon green for the right. Like LP and I said, ” this is all real memmories for us. I have no problem with anything. There is nothin to understand. I love skateboarding and this forum as much as anyone. Not to mention I am bored. What was your favorite board or memory related to skatin back in the when?

  9. you forgot lappers too, which if someone actually had now i would be stoked on them. btw you guys all need to get down to NorCal. you will meet many older gentlemen and enjoy leisure and laughs. Gay cruise on the SF bay you ask? no, Lake Cunningham skatepark. An old hessian’s wet dream.

  10. skatestoppers are number one on the suck list, homeskillet.

  11. soreknee on April 30, 2008 - Reply

    My favorite from the good old days was a Sims Lester Kasai splash, I can’t remember what year I got it maybe 83-84 but I do remember where I got it, Mrs. A’s, sold to me by a very young and blonde Smay.
    When Scum came out with the new Kasai splash I had to have one, 33″ long and just less than 9″ wide.
    I’ve purchased a couple decks since the Scum Kasai but I keep coming back to it as my main deck, it is my new favorite.

  12. Yeah soreknee, i can speak to nostalgia. i dont buy decks based on graphics usually, but that BL Matt Hensley with the shoe on it reminds me of my favorite deck, the H Street Hensley. But dude, H-street is back so i hope to god they re release that deck again! Hell concave, hell concave, he-he-hehehe-hell–hell concave! FAT OLLIES TO GRAB.

  13. I really wish I could come across my first board. The Hosoi made by Skull Skates. It’s two thumbs up just like the kasai splash.
    LP, my favorite skated deck was also a Hensly. His origional with the bird and his name in it. The one he used to win one of the ollie contest in I think 90′.

  14. ah, stan, i liked the one with the foot on the dude hanging on the sign. the slasher was my first deck though, and i need to get that reissue. nice skate down memory lane. i cant wait for the next baywatch.

  15. Adam Crofts on April 30, 2008 - Reply

    Is that like a stairmaster on wheels???

  16. steffan knoblauch on February 25, 2009 - Reply

    what the hell that piece of crap will never sell because who would want to buy that when everyone already has a real skateboard i would buy it and then destory it just because

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