Tony Jawk

Comic about the jock in skateboarding


  1. One of my definitions of “jock” has always been that you were just a decent athlete- and then could be a decent skater too. i.e. can you hit a tennis ball? can you hang with decent golfers? will you play garage hockey and approach it like the Stanly Cup if a game busts out? People that say “yes” are more fun to hang with in my opinion..

  2. Jock has always meant asshole in my book. Had less to do with talent and drive than mentality. Jock=macho dick. Conhan, maybe you consider yourself an athlete, not a jock.

  3. I am an Athletic Supporter. Wait… crap.

    I’m with JKP… it means a$$hole. Along with so many other derogatory terms that are taboo and politically incorrect to say that really have nothing to do with race, religion, job status, residential location, etc. etc. So now, I just use the term a$$hole to cover all. Or my new fave, a$$hat.

    Cheerleaders never talked to me anyway. I was in the band.

  4. I heard Tommy Stinson was in the band AND got in the cheerleaders pants- rad.

  5. Tommy Stinson dropped out of high school man.

  6. yeah there wasn’t a single diploma on that stage….A good sticker would be “What Would Bob Stinson Do?”

  7. A: Die from alcoholism, I think.

    I saw his band after his ejection. It was pretty bad. Can’t remember much else, except it was a sad night. I felt bad for him.

  8. ShawnF on March 12, 2008 - Reply

    Jock-o-rama say what?

    “Now boys, this game ain’t played for fun
    You’re going out there to win
    How d’ya win?
    Get out there
    And snap the other guy’s knee!”

    Beat ’em up! Beat ’em up!
    Ra Ra Ra
    Snap those spinal cords
    Ha Ha Ha

  9. corncobcock on March 12, 2008 - Reply

    well..first ya put on a pair of NIKES!

  10. I’ve learned my lesson, from now on I’ll only wear Converse All-Stars. Oh, wait, they’re the same thing.

  11. corncobcock on March 12, 2008 - Reply

    money?, i’ll say anything for a buck.

  12. Someone once said “To excel in a physical activity only, even to the level of genius, is to be a jock.” hahaha (yeah, I’m old too!)

  13. HA! My brother and I were asked tonight if we were a “team”. I said no teams are for jocks, this is skateboarding. Nothing like the fun of confusing and crushing a 12 year old (probably older they all look 12 to me) with a smart ass answer. Good times, good times.

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