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Alva in Britain

Found this funny shot of Alva on Rocket’s MySpace. He’s an old dude in Cornwall, England and has a bunch of old ads and skate photos posted. Are you skill skating?

its when tony come over to england to tour some of the local parks the year i think was 1978. he skated ROM @ KNEBWORTH PARKS this is him meeting some of the local skater dudes of the time if my history serves me well dude’ ill look into some more for you dude k….its all kriptonics and bengy boards back then…i had road rider 4s and a santa cruz 5 ply wide ply deck with ACS 500 trucks………it used to rip dude


  1. cskate on March 6, 2008 - Reply

    Here’s the Skateboarder Mag’s coverage of that Alva trip:

  2. Haha! Good tie in Chris. Check out that coverage, it’s pretty funny. Take these two images.. one looks like it was somehow taken in the late 1800’s and the last one has the “Black” Tony Alva. Check it out.

    Alva on OSS

  3. Glenn on March 7, 2008 - Reply

    He also came to Guildford (my home town) on that tour with Shogo Kubo. Shogo sticks in my mind because he was pulling the first ollies I ever saw (frontside in a sub-vert concrete bowl) if you don’t count the photo of Gelfand in Skateboarder mag which was around the same time*

    *I think, could be wrong though, 30 years ago FFS….

  4. houseofneil on March 7, 2008 - Reply

    dude, that’s hot. Those are punk rock chicks from 1978. It wasn’t all leather and mohawks. In fact there weren’t any that early.

    Rom is still going. Pretty amazing really.

  5. solboy on March 7, 2008 - Reply

    Happy days… I was at the Mad Dog Bowl in Kennington London, when Alva visited for a demo, I think October ’78… I won’t bore everyone with tales of how he was muttering on that he didn’t fancy riding the giant pool there very much, (fair enough, it was very gnarly) so check here for a full press tour review from the back in day:

    if u are reading thia at solidsurf – c’mon let’s have the video footage you’ve been promising…!!

    p.s my first proper crush was on a punk chick about this time…happy days indeed!!

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