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BBQ mini ramp

Some parents buy kits to assemble swing sets and sandboxes for their kids. Things in Oregon are a little different. I was at a BBQ this weekend where the dad had built a small mini ramp and a rock climbing wall on the outside of his wife’s studio almost entirely made from salvage lumber. This was a “Welcome Spring” BBQ in Oregon, so of course it rained, but dad had the possibility of bad weather covered. Alternate picture after the jump.

Mini ramp and rock climbing wall. Check out that nice purple fringe (digital artifact) on the edge of the canopy. I’ve never seen it so pronounced before. The Nikon D70 is a decent camera, but occasionally it has image sensor issues. Click to enlarge.

BBQ mini ramp 2


  1. cskate on March 31, 2008 - Reply

    Are they looking to adopt a 38 year old man?

  2. I want one too.

  3. It’s really small. Very cool, but definitely for kids. You can’t stand up on the deck. I did a few axle stalls with my back bent over and touching the tarp. Still cool for kids though.

  4. Hey, Zane started skating again. let us in on this one!
    It took him 1.5 hrs to pick out a helmet he liked but now back to having fun.

  5. houseofneil on March 31, 2008 - Reply

    never mind that, what’s with the slasher, indys and bullets combo there?

  6. Brats!

  7. House-of-Neil – Santa Cruz micro reissues. That one is my son’s, and he’s climbing up on the platform. And those are Bullet trucks actually, came with the complete. It a good set up for a tyke. Actually a fast board. Almost too fast for him.

    Tobin – I don’t really have the “in” here. I met the owner because he happens to know Grover and we ran into him while hanging out. He’s a nice guy but I don’t know if he’d flow.

  8. Tobins are always welcome at Conatopia.

  9. Eaton on April 1, 2008 - Reply

    It’s not just for kids… my 2 year old mostly kicks a soccer ball around on the deck. I built it mostly for myself. The canopy is only bungied down, so it gets out of the way pretty quick if weather permits.

    Tobin, be patient, we’ll meet someday and you’ll get an invite to a BBQ too. Just ask Grover, I’m still getting used to the idea of other people on the home ramp. Personal problem I guess.

  10. Whew. Good thing I said he was a nice guy.

  11. Eaton, That rocks! I would love to construct a canopy like that over my mini ramp in Colorado. If you get a chance could you expound on the canopy design, construction and functionality.
    Kilwag, I was looking at those micro mini’s for my boys. The size seems perfect for a three of five year old but the price was over a hundred bones. Yikes! 🙂 Also, do you have a wide angle lens on your camera? If you have a minute let me know what gear you are using to shoot pics.

  12. Camera: Nikon D-70 with a 10.5mm fisheye that ends up being roughly the equivalent of a 16mm lens on a traditional 35mm camera.

    Canopy: Made from metal tubing with tarp stretched across it via bungie cords in grommets. Attached to the railing on backs of ramp (I think) and the studio building roof (seen opposite) as one high support and a post on the other peak side. I haven’t been back since so I can’t really give you any more details.

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