New snake runs are an old new idea.

Naples Snake Run

Oregon just got one in Lincoln City, and we’re getting one in Portland later this year. Hell, they might be breaking ground as you read this. In Florida, they don’t have the hills that we do, so they have to make due. The Edge skatepark in Naples was finished a couple years ago. Team Pain is working on another one in St. Lucie, Florida right now. It’s actually mostly street terrain, but it does have a little snake in it. They have some construction pics of the work in progress on their news page.

– Thanks to Tito for the pic.


  1. Team Pain should build a park in the N.W., they’ve always looked good.

  2. Danimal on March 21, 2008 - Reply

    I skated a couple Team Pain parks that were built around 2000, they were good then so i assume they have only gotten better.

  3. I have skated a few as well, built a few years back. They seem well constructed with good finishing. I’ve had fun, but I wasn’t completely sold on the layouts. The ones I’ve skated were built in places with a high water table, so instead of getting deeper in the deep end, they would just get taller. That bugs me, but it isn’t their fault. If they dug deeper they would be under water constantly, even with a sump pump.

    I have a built in preference for the NW builders and their style, so I judge other parks against that. Not very impartial. That being said, some of the more recent Team Pain parks look great (from the internet.)

    I prefer TP to the Site Design parks I’ve skated. The SD parks were all finished well, but they lacked any sort of creativity or personality. Almost like a prefab concrete park, everything was the same size and as a result, boring after a while.

    You guys are going to get railed on for suggesting a non NW company build a skatepark in Portland! You’re not allowed to say that unless you are a street skater!

    19 spots… I ‘d like to see one go to each major (credible) skatepark builder out there (NW included) , and the rest go to NW companies. It would be unique for sure, one city to skate a variety of parks built by a variety of build/design companies with different design philosophies. I don’t believe that exists anywhere right now.

  4. Team Pain parks are good! I’ve skated three of them in Michigan. They are head & shoulders above Site Design.

  5. We call them “Snake Zones”

  6. Snaking zones we have plenty of!

  7. Its just different styles. I don’t really like the gigantor bowls with lots of tranny in the NW. I’d rather ride weird street stuff and the swimming pool replicas that TP is doing.

    At least now, in this day and age, we can be snobs, and have preferences, instead of being hyped to drive an hour to skate a prefab park.

  8. Leizear on March 22, 2008 - Reply

    Richmond VA has a snake in the design, as well as a 70′ long ditch that varies in heights as it empties down into a bowl

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