More Modern Snakes

Wake Forest Snake

My favorite Mod band that never existed, More Modern Snakes are playing an all ages show tonight at Club Bump! – Errr… right. Here’s a focus-challenged shot of a small snake run feature in Wake Forest North Carolina, built by a company called Bluestone that I had never heard of until Danimal sent me the link. I guess he knows a guy who used to be on the crew. Their web site is pretty horrible (get someone who knows how to resize an image please!) but the parks look like they have potential from what little they show. Of particular interest is a facility in Mabank, Texas that is listed as private, but looks like it might be part of some residential community as opposed to being owned by one individual. There’s no real information so it’s anyone’s guess. Looks like Bluestone has worked a few locations in Pennsylvania (Monroeville, Southpark, Imperial) as well as Delaware, Ohio and Kingsport, Tennessee. I know we’ve got readers in these states, have any of you ridden these parks?

What are these other modern snake runs I speak of? Why Lincoln City, Gabriel Park, and Naples.


  1. the guys at that shop are great, the shop is great, that bowl however, not so great….in fact it sucks, the snake run is fun, but way too short.

    i wouldn’t trust bluestone to build a bird bath.

  2. well put. bluestone has started to be like that cold you never get rid of..atleast here in the heartland.fuckin up parks pretty consistantly.

  3. concerned on March 26, 2008 - Reply

    Bluestone is what’s left of the dreaded M3D/Velocity “skatepark” builders who screwed up a shit ton of parks in the Midwest….somehow they managed to do a pretty good job on the Delaware park. Hopefully they are getting better….

  4. blowstone on March 26, 2008 - Reply

    Worst skateparks ever. They change there name every few years to keep getting work. M3D,Velocity now Bluestone.

  5. shitstone

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