eBay Watch: February 2008

eBay Watch: February 2008

How was February where you live? Here in Chicago it sucked ass. It has been the worst winter for snow that I can remember, and February was the worst month yet. We’ve had
About 60” of snow so far this winter: the average is 40”, making it in the top 5 worst winters in 80 years. And when it gets done dumping snow on us, then the temperature plummets to zero, making it icy and just miserable. Basically what I’m saying is, if you’ve gotten any skating in this winter you’re lucky. Lots of us haven’t.

By the way, even though I write this column every month, I want to thank Kilwag for getting it up on Skate and Annoy. I don’t know what all is involved in the back end, but he does a great job on the site and I appreciate all he does or this column. Thanks.

Let’s get to it.


  1. I hope Cab wasn’t unloading that Black Flag deck due to moral conflicts between the graphic and his born again status.

    The Malba deck looks rad. Always loved that graphic, I think it might be the contrast and simplicity that makes it so visually appealing. But yeah, tombstone idea is nothing spectacular. Still love it though.

    That Alva deck looks like a wet paper towel in the close up.

    Cool colorway on the Sam Cunningham deck. Wish the detail pic was larger.

    Gads, that Hosoi deck is craptactualr.

    Duane’s Think deck seems like it would be rare and fetch a higher price. I guess his fans don’t have the dough.

    The Jovante turner deck is the epitome of industry lameness in the 90’s.

    Hey, this was your 60th eBay Watch column! Congrats, and good job as usual.

  2. I think I’ve got a Lamar setup that is completely covered in paper stickers on the bottom. I’ve never actually seen it uncovered, I just keep moving it from house to house for the past 20 years.

  3. duders on March 14, 2008 - Reply

    The Driven decks are fabulous. I have one of them but have never seen the other 4… always wondered what Driven stuff would go for, now I know.

  4. cool column as always.

  5. on that reggie barnes, if you look at the graphics close, there are “tar heels” in the hieroglyphics.

    thats a rad deck.

  6. The Rip City/SMA Pettibon deck is my choice for board of the freakin’ century. I’m not kidding- this is the coolest board of the 80’s, period. Always loved it and always will. I’d put 169’s and Rat Bones on it and ride it to the Starwood on quaaludes if I had a time machine.

  7. Did the guy posting the Bevel not include a photo of the top showing the concave??

  8. Ask Bryce to tell you who did the Escher graphics on the Lopes board

  9. Bryce, who did the Esher graphics on the Lopes board?

  10. Hi, that pink Cab full dragon was produced during the Bonite era. Since so many of the decks warped, Powell came up with the idea of making clocks out of them, giving them to their distributors as gifts. They called them “Time Warps” I worked there that year(1987), and was able to buy one for $25.00, exact same deck. Ebay watch rules!

  11. I miss the “fueled by” commentary.

  12. enemy combatant on April 8, 2008 - Reply

    At $437 that cherry ’64 Hobie complete was a steal.

  13. Aaron Mendonca on April 8, 2008 - Reply

    Hey Neil,

    I am looking for the Ed Templeton toy machine decks that Margaret Kilgallen designed. If you find some can you let me know so I can buy one from you? Thanks!

    Aaron Mendonca


  14. I have two jfa decks. don lincoln hammer, and a pasley both in black. Don’t think i’v seen them in your articles. Do you know what kind of price tags these might have?

  15. nick spesia on May 5, 2008 - Reply

    hey neil, awesome job on the column. i read it often i really appreciate your humor and comments on the listings every month i look forward to it. i noticed you said tou live in chicago and i do as well. i wanted to know if you knew of any one who still skates in this area that grew up in the 80s. i try to skate every weekend and skate with my nephew and my girlfriends son but i would really like to hang with someone who still skates old school boards. know of any old school skate clubs?? i guess its a longshot but i thought id ask.. anyway keep up the column always look forward to the next month.. later nick chciago il

  16. stephen on July 17, 2008 - Reply

    in response to nick: ..hey brother! if you’re ever out in los angeles and want to skate some street over in venice, look me up!! glad to hear you’re still tearin’ it up!! a-flip-a-da-flapjack!
    cheers! stephen

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