SOTW 2-11-08: Marc Haziza at the Skatepark of Paris

SOTW 2-11-08: Marc Haziza at the Skatepark of Paris

This Week’s Shot of the Week is Marc Haziza at the newly opened Skatepark of Paris, taken by Frederic Lannois. Check out the full size version. Look at those seams and you’ll see it’s a prefab concrete park. But, hey! Check out that roof! Sure could use one of those around here.


  1. How about we sacrifice 1 of the 19 parks to build at least 1 roof somewhere? Tigard, Glenhaven???

    19 wet parks for 8 months?

  2. For more info

    More pict about the park

    You’re all welcome !!!

  3. Yet another reason to go to Paris.

  4. We should take JF’s idea further. Let’s “sacrifice” 3 or 4 of the 19 to cover 2 or 3 of them, and/or build a Rye Airfield quality indoor park. I’m afraid that if we just cover one, like Glenhaven, that it will be ridiculously crowded for the 8 rainy months, while the others go unskated (look at the DOS “street” area on a non-school day for the visual, and DOS doesn’t allow bikes, so factor that in). It has to be more than covering just one small park and funneling everyone there due to the sheer numbers of skaters and bikers in greater Portland.

  5. That prefab is better than all the bowls in Slurrey.

  6. Abegnegal on February 12, 2008 - Reply

    not for long

  7. I know a guy who lives in Bordeaux who has the full scoop on this park. The roof is temporary however they will close the park in October and re-open it in 09 to put a real roof on it.

    But the biggest thing I was told is this park is in a super sketch hood.

    “Sunday, second day of action, a huge fight happened…
    kids from local projects barged inside and beat the shit out of 2 kids in front of eveyone, security guards with dogs included .. no one moved .. and they left the park just like that… “


  8. it’s a true story??? the skatepark is build in a “not so cool” area in the north of paris…
    It will be re-open fot the 18 Febuary with more security guard… it’s crazy… but true.

    “to put a real roof”…. and paint all the concret.

  9. it’s a true story !!!!!

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