“Hope. Hope.” just like Dick Ritchie says

1st and Hope

No that’s not a still from the first Bones brigade video, it’s 20 years later and Lance is hitting that spot for Elwood clothing’s 1st and Hope video, which came out some time last year I believe. Has anyone seen this? It looked like a good concept for a video, instead of the usual scattergun barrage of tricks planned and practiced and over and over to make it for the video (shot on 16mm film), it features a group of friends skating together in various spots, meeting people along the way. There are a few old distinguished names in there like Eric Dressen, Lance Mountain, Matt Hensley, Ray Barbee and Salman Agah. EXPN has a nice write up with more background and some production stills. So yeah, this is old news by a year.

The second hope is Athletes for Hope, which is an organization of some of the more famous names in sports whose purpose is to “educate, encourage and assist athletes in their efforts to contribute to community and charitable causes, to increase public awareness of those efforts, and to inspire others to do the same.” Basically, it’s a bunch of famous athletes trying to get other professional athletes to pull their heads out of their self-centered asses and help out the less fortunate. That’s an admirable goal. Skateboarding’s most famous philanthropist Tony Hawk is one of the founding members, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved in Oprah’s Big Give charity/reality show. The trailer shows a brief glimpse of someone spinning a McTwist on a vert ramp. Actually, that’s just a guess since you don’t get to see the full rotation.

“Hope! Hope!”

1st and Hope trailer
Actually, this appears to be an advert for the soundtrack?

PJ Ladd footage from 1st and Hope

Athletes for Hope

Athletes for Hope

Here’s a link to the PR for the launch of Athletes for Hope. There is an audio clip of Tony Hawk available there.

Brewster’s Millions vs. Oprah’s Big Give

There’s about a half a second of vert skating in there. They are secretive about “surprise Hollywood guests,” but my money is on Tony Hawk. The series premiers March 2nd. I don’t know what the exact deal is but it looks like she gives you a pile of cash and you have to give it away to make someone’s life better, and as a reward you get to hang out with a celebrity or something.


  1. If it’s a secret, they didn’t tell Tony not to tell… It’s on his “schedule.” http://www.tonyhawk.com/where.html

  2. You must be my new intern in charge of research. Good job. Take a full hour for lunch.

    He’s appearing on the March 16 , 2008 episode.

  3. houseofneil on February 29, 2008 - Reply

    I have 1st and Hope. Not bad at all. It has a nice vibe to it, and it’s cool to see a skate vid where the guys are actually street skating (ie, skating on and through the streets) instead of hopping down a rail for 30 minutes.

  4. Can I just leave early? And actually, I only knew that because of my own fanboyism…

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