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OK, Officer Salvatore Rivieri doesn’t just hate skateboarders. He hates radio controlled cars, or maybe street artists or most likely himself, because he’s been driving that ridiculous go-cart police car for at least a year. Another video has surfaced of officer Rivieri serving and protecting. Apparently this guy has a very short fuse. Here’s hoping he gets an attitude adjustment via painfully boring and embarrassing anger management counseling, or better yet, an old fashioned pink slip. What a dick. – Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

Baltimore police officer Salvatore Rivieri in action at the Inner Harbor


  1. houseofneil on February 18, 2008 - Reply

    what a stupid, spineless fat dickhead. Fire his useless ass.

  2. If he isn’t fired, I challenge EVERYONE in Baltimore (not just skaters) to carry a video cam whenever down at the harbor and film this asshat DAILY.

  3. i love The Jerk reference, I was walking near my house the other day and i saw a guy with a dog who looked just like shitface. He wasn’t too pleased when i told him…

  4. Suspended, without pay- YAY! What a Fuck-tard. I bet he’s moping at home dragging around a gallon of Ice Cream and plowing Choc Cake in his fat face crying he can’t drive that awesome Golf Cart of Authority. Run on sentence contest anybody?

  5. remote control adidas shoe box…hahahaha .

  6. skategeezer on February 19, 2008 - Reply

    suspended WITH pay..

    no doubt, they’ll be some investigation…and he’ll be back on the job by April 1st

    what a DICK!

    he’ll get his just rewards…one day in hell!

  7. After a little slap on the wrist he’ll be back terrorising 14 year olds again with a vengence. If he gets fired, well he’d only need minor acting lessons to be able to play a meathead thug in a future scorcese movie, or some other, er, “italian American” based flick…

  8. Cartman’s bigwheel is cooler than that go-go gadget golf cart reject.

    However, I’m sure homeland security is relieved to know that there’s still a pillar of patriotism working the streets of Baltimore who single handedly saves the country from terrorist phantom boxes of evil and art fag commie students.


  9. Hard to believe but some people feel he behaved accordingly:

    Officer Salvatore Rivieri; A Positive Father Figure
    This YouTube and other media sources has the potential of going viral.

    “If this kid had any sort of discipline in his upbringing he would have shown respect and kept his mouth shut. If he had, he would still have his damn skateboard! The kid does deserve a boot up the ass. I count a minimum of four kids at the scene, including whoever shot the video. None of the others had a problem, showed respect for the officer, and kept their skateboards. Office Riverieri will probably have a lot of grief and the kid benefits from his stupid mindset. Riverieni deserves a promotion as acting as a surrogate parent for an undeserving child! I am wondering what this kid’s lifestyle will be like in ten years after two marriages, working part-time at Dollar Tree and Goodwill stores, and trying to support three kids that he may, or may not, see on every other weekend. If children cannot understand respect for the law then anarchy by undisciplined idiots is the only result. I vote for more boots up the a! The vast majority of the comments on this YouTube video obviously disagree with my opinion. But, IMO, they were raised by hippies and the chromosomal damage from their parents consumption of THC and LSD has wracked havoc on the simple concept of societal norms. Frank J at IMAO still has the best solution for hippies, “punch them in the face.,” Tday they term “hippie” is not acceptable. The nomenclature (pc stuff) is liberal; I support the concept of a call to the parents, and a boot up the a as well! Their parents need the same boot, probably much larger, as well!”


  10. I played the first video of Officer Rivieri for some attorneys in my office. Everything about him (car, that rent-a-cop getup, etc) is laughable at best.

  11. Aaronskate on February 19, 2008 - Reply

    power trip anyone? stay off the HGH buddy..

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