Cannonball Run

Cannonball Run - Old Man Army

Add another one to the list. Old Man Army is gearing up for the Cannonball Run on February 16th. They are starting bright and early at 6am with plans to hit 16 parks in one day. It’s a lot easier if it’s not freezing or raining, or both. If you are in the AZ area check it out. I’m pretty sure these guys wouldn’t discriminate against you if you aren’t old or a man for that matter. You can see the flyer enlarged after the jump, although I suppose it would make more sense to go directly to the source.

Cannonball Run - Old Man Army


  1. JAKEANDANNOY on February 8, 2008 - Reply

    Yeah, OMA is definitely not exclusive, they are down for local rippers, old and youn-guns. Those guys put as much into the AZ local scene as their own skateboarding, which is alot. Cool chit.

  2. If you ride a skateboard and have a drivers license, then you are welcomed to join in.

    No bullshit vibes, just a shit load of skating and beer drinking to be done.

    We may even throw out a few prizes..

  3. JAKEANDANNOY on February 8, 2008 - Reply

    Cheers! You gunna be hitting the “Tempe pipes”, on McClintock? I hear they stacked all the good ones now, trying to prevent bargers.

  4. Can you email me the cross roads for them, please..

  5. JAKEANDANNOY on February 8, 2008 - Reply

    Done…tho got a feeling you already know of em’. The peoria ditches are the shit too,so fast, steep flat banks…kind of a street-skate endeavor tho.

  6. orezona on February 8, 2008 - Reply

    We would have planned it to coincide with Hughes and some of you other NW folks on June 21st, but the idea of heat stroke from the desert sun isn’t too appealing.

    There will be lots of cameras involved, so stay tuned…

  7. Sidenote: There is a tentative plan for a OMA Grill-N-Skate in Louisville on June 21st.

  8. Feb 16th NW Cannonball run, if it’s dry, who’s with me?

    Burnside, Woodland, Battle Ground, Vancouver, Pier Park, Glenhaven, Holly Farm, Tigard, West Linn, Donald, Newberg, McMinnville, Lincoln City, Aumsville if we throw in a couple of the crappy parks we can get it up to 16. Or I know a couple of private bowls we might hit. Does my miniramp count? We can get it done if there’s no enjoying the session

    Sunrise 7:12 AM. Sunset 17:38 PM

  9. JAKEANDANNOY on February 8, 2008 - Reply

    If its dry, I’m down. I’ll bring the coffee, you bring the whiskey.

  10. I’m in for the duration. We could hit Burnside before the sunrise giving us some extra daylight. If the lights are still functional at Aumsville, we can hit it last. That leaves only 14 parks/skate spots for the daylight. 🙂

  11. damienhialation on February 8, 2008 - Reply

    You bastards! I’ll be in Montana on the 16th, but to input on the situation… If you really wanna go all-out, after lincoln city, hit newport and take hwy 20 back (which has Taledo and Siletz if you have enough light). By taking Highway 20 you can hit Corvallis (skateable after dark), Albany (lights go til 10 or 11), Aumsville (lights til midnightish) and the ever classic Salem park (lights, if you call ’em that). If I can’t be there, you guys better have a blast without me!

  12. wow, that’s a lot of parks for 1 day….how much time do you think you’ll be able to spend at each park? If my knee is cool by next weekend I’d love to join, at least for a few parks. Keep me in the loop.

  13. We’re thinking just enough time to ride every element of each park. For example at Battle Ground: ride the pool, hit flow bowl, cradle and big bowl, a couple of laps through the street section including some lines over the love seat on the banked wall and call it good. Maybe 5-10 minutes in each park.

  14. Our proposed route is roughly 205 miles from start to finish. We’re pretty lucky because the urban sprawl here in the Phoenix means there’s freeway access to nearly every park.

    For this Saturday, the driving time alone (barring construction, accidents and un-expected run-ins with johnny law), should be 5.5 hours.
    Our plan is to skate each park for 20 minutes.

    That should be long enough for me to hurt myself at every stop…

  15. our route and stops:

  16. JAKEANDANNOY on February 13, 2008 - Reply

    Last time I ever post my email link… I dunno who views this blog or what qualifies as on-line pranking but, JESUS! Enough with the south african lottery emials/offers/scams already! Shit I cant win $10 on a scratch off card to save my life but in a week I won the Irish lottery, the brittish lottery, the nestle drawing, and the african lottery 4 times, I hate to trade in rumor and innuendo but I think this foreign lottery thing may be a scam…

  17. JAKEANDANNOY on February 13, 2008 - Reply

    So whats up w/the NW run this weekend….Rich?

  18. […] above is Gabe from Salem at the Aumsville park which was our last stop. I wonder how the guys in Arizona did on theirs?. More pics and details to follow. In the meantime, Conahan put some up via cell […]

  19. We pretty much had a successful run. Visited every skatepark in Maricopa County which equals 17. Only bummer was three were not accessible because of puddles, skate comps or closing early during winter.

    Two days later and I’m still pretty cracked out. Really fun day though and well worth the effort.

  20. we’ve got only a fraction of the pics from the day up online at the oldmanarmy forums (

    But they are all pretty good. Here’s the link to the threads with pics that people who came along posted:

    Randy, I’ll talk with a couple of the photogs to see about getting you some of the other shots to update this post…

  21. On the first and second links there’s a cat in a Naked Raygun shirt. Awesome! Love that band, and they go well with skateboarding.

  22. I don’t that dude’s real name but everyone here calls him Frog.

  23. JAKEANDANNOY on February 19, 2008 - Reply

    Ha! Yeah, Russ is in alot of those pics. I like the group shot where he’s sucking down a beer(of course). Looks like your crew had a good run, I like that sombrero hat, or whatever. Parks look rad. It actually makes me wanna go visit.

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