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Pier Park session 2-23-08

There’s no better way to combat a buzzkill than enjoying a session in some unseasonably dry and warm weather. if you can’t actually go out and skate today, you can still enjoy some photos from a session at Pier Park last Saturday.

Pier Park session: 2-23-08

Click to enlarge.

Mike Swim. Miller was right. You don’t see a lot of action photos of this park from this angle. That’s because most people only use this bowl to turn around. It looks so small compared to the deep end. Still, it’s 9 1/2 feet deep!
Mike Swim - Pier Park

Shane Bell works a tail blunt to fakie rock disaster while Video Joe gets the footy.
Shane Bell- Pier Park

Mike Swim again.
Mike Swim - Pier Park

Mark Conahan blasts. Check out Grover’s reaction.
Conahan - Pier Park

Mike Swim – Yeah, I’m not in the right spot for this shot, but I like it anyway because it looks fun and gives you an idea of how high he’s floating these. Good enough for the Interwebs™.
Mike Swim - Pier Park

Don’t even think about trying to enlarge the rest of these. Go ahead, click until you’re blue in the face!

Colton with a fakie airwalk.
Colton - Pier Park

Unknown Lage Lageson tail blunt to fakie disaster, caught mid ollie.
unknown - Pier Park

Boneman with the classic frontside layback.
Boneman - Pier Park

Grover – unfortunately blown out, but still having fun.
Grover - Pier Park

Grover and Madonna, sitting in a tree…
Grover - Pier Park

Mark was seriously tweaking these. I just didn’t catch it.
Conahan - Pier Park

Yes, he will make it to Annoying Kid of the month.
kid- pier park


  1. That blunt to fakie is Logi Loggerson, or something very near that. Nice pics! Brad needs to turn that boombox down so he can hear his cell phone.

  2. You could try holding the camera straight.


    Haw haw! Zinger! What a great skateboarding day, that’s going to do it for me, I’m retiring to spend more time with my prize winning geraniums.

  3. CONAHAN: Well You could try setting up a tripod with your camera, hitting the manual timer, then dropping in and making it back to the same wall for your invert, then taking your film in to be developed to see if you got your level shot.

    RICH: or he could replace his iPod on the line in with an iPhone, then when the call came in, the whole park could hear it… That is as long as MC wasn’t messing with the playlists all the time.

  4. i recognize that boombox….and i love it…looks like you had a fun…….

  5. damienhialation on February 25, 2008 - Reply

    I’ll keep score…

    CONAHAN: 1 point
    KILWAG: 1 point

  6. corncobcock on February 25, 2008 - Reply

    no comments

  7. Lage Lageson on February 25, 2008 - Reply

    thats me doing the “tail blunt to fakie disaster” hell yeah!!!!

  8. Thanks Lage for correct name spelling as well. Using the symmetry in your name, Kilwag would be Kilwag Kilwagson and Grover would be Grover Groverson, sweet!

  9. LAGE- I fixed it, thanks.

  10. great photos! looks like it was a fun session.
    nice Andrecht Mark!

  11. Sorry Rich!

  12. What level are you on?

    What level are you on

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