Aumsville is closed not closed

Aumsville’s skatepark reopened the day I posted the story about it being closed, after being closed for about a month. I spoke with City administrator Maryann Hills this morning, who confirmed that the park had been reopened with the same rules as before, which means lights go out at midnight. Mrs Hill cited vandalism in the bathroom and an assault at the park as the specific reasons why the park was shut down. There is some sort of security camera present, although she was reluctant to give out the details. However, when I asked if it was internet enabled so skaters could use it to check rain conditions, she said it was not currently, but went on to described somewhat passive plans to add that in the future if someone would basically take care of it all for them. Checking up on Tasha’s information from a few days earlier, Mrs Hill mentioned that a precondition to reopening the park was information being given to the police for pressing charges against an individual or individuals. She assumed an arrest or some sort of cooperation had taken place since the park had re-opened. She also reiterated that the park will close again if there are further incidents. The phone call ended on a happy note when Mrs Hill very pleasantly told me to have fun skating. The photo of Danimal above is from the same 2004 night session that the picture of Damien was taken.


  1. Top 7 Reasons to love Aumsville.

    7- Helemts are optional even after multiple brain surgury’s
    6- The cops make sure my license plates are current for only $90.
    5- That kid “Alabama” who talks muppet-like.
    4- Water fountain that to my knowledge has only been shut down once for e-coli.
    3- Bathroom to my knowlegde has had only one fire.
    2- Lights that shut off to punish innocent local kids.
    1- Malicahi, Isaac, and the rest of The Children of the corn tear that place up.

  2. danimal on January 14, 2008 - Reply

    you forgot visiting leatherface for beers after the session.

  3. Damienhialation on January 15, 2008 - Reply

    to keep the list going (dan having #8)

    9- DK has sweet AUMS(one hand) VILLE(other hand) knuckle tattoos.
    10- great place to pick up chicks at 2am

  4. Aumsville on March 7, 2008 - Reply

    So heres the skinny,there are camaras at the park watching you! the city guy came down tonight with a stack of pictures,he was going to close the park again for a Month because we didnt know the mystery kid in the photo kicking the camara. one of them is above the light on the front of the bathroom pointing at the covered bench and the parking lot,the others are still a mystery?! we will of course pass on any knowledge to everyone about this subject. I think since we dont know what they are doing with this new information they are collecting it is only fair we know where they are watching and where they are not. The city guy also told us they plan to put camaras on the light poles that will be on line so all you travelers can check the scene out. personally Im very against the camaras for alot of reasons and thats it.

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