Aumsville closed indefinitely, locals kooking it big time!


These are dark times for Aumsville skaters.

Hey Kilwag, where’s the coverage of Aumsville’s recent closure? SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET SOME SHOTS OF THE FENCE around the park and all the signs up. It says Aumsville is closed indefinitely!!! Those little wanna-be gang banger chumps got that place closed. That place has the shittiest locals of all time. The park is a true Oregon original.

Tasha from Aumsville City Hall said the skatepark was closed due repeated vandalism, including setting fire to the bathrooms and clogging the toilets. They also had problems with people sleeping in the bathrooms as well. (Here’s a tip: If you need to sleep in a public the bathroom, don’t try to burn it down…) Maintenance, repair costs and general aggravation got to be too much so they shut it down indefinitely. Tasha was just the gal who answered the phone, but she said they were hoping someone would call the police with a tip so they could find the guilty parties. She mentioned a plan for video cameras on the site, but she wasn’t sure if the park would reopen until after they make arrests. Aumsville is a pretty small town, and the cops are pretty heavy handed there in my past experience. If the problem was so recurring, how hard could it have been for them to catch someone in the act? Locals, are you gonna let those kooks get away with ruining your scene? It’s too small for you not to know who it is. You guys made your own bed, now you have to sleep in it – even if it is in the bathroom you are trying to set on fire.

The official city administrator was out of the office today. I’ll try and follow up on Monday. If anyone could send in a picture, we’d appreciate it. This shot is from October of 2004.


  1. So lame…..

  2. carvin marvin on January 11, 2008 - Reply

    grumpy old guys need to start enforcing again
    ya’ll better watch out if Skater Todd (Poochy USA) from salem starts coming around again, when the surf has a flat spell

  3. it happens, skate and destroy!

  4. it had to happen sooner or later that park has some of the worst locals ever. it’s total rivers edge out there, i was attacked there by a drunk non skating local about 5 years ago he and his girl were starting fights even though they had their five year old with them, and i know of a dreamland employee who helped build the park being attacked while with his young family by skater locals. every time i go there i cant believe the shit those kids spew, it’s like short mans complex on a whole new level. and as for the cops, when we were attacked we called the cops cuz they ran my buddy over with a car breaking his leg i hid behind a tree they sped off and fucking barney fife shows up pulls his gun on me and asked my gang affiliation… i love that park but fuck that town. and the thing about enforcing, its forced compliance kinda defeats the purpose of a good vibe.

  5. What a waste.

  6. Danimal on January 11, 2008 - Reply

    shitty, thats the closest good park to me, now i get to drive further. i think we all have stories about locals there skater or not, lame.

    that picture of Damien is rad though kilwag, word up Damien where you is?

  7. Stopped by Aumsville on the way home from Lincoln City. The bathrooms were fine and there was no fence to speak of. Aumsville looks to be open.

  8. Yeah, been working to get a park up in Mill City, about 20 miles up 22 from Aumsville. Negative press on the park has really hurt the motivation at city hall. Any suggestions would be helpful..

  9. If Aumsville is open they ought to tell the Aumsville City Hall.

  10. enemy combatant on January 12, 2008 - Reply

    Doesn’t sound like the city is supporting their own park. You would think that the cops would be keeping a closer eye on it like driving by a lot or even parking there to eat donuts if people are getting assaulted and shit.

  11. Yeah.. it’s children of the corn meets deliverance territory out there… Except there’s a world class skatepark.

    I think the cops there are more interested in bullying people than anything else.

  12. I think video cameras would solve everything.. Post them high on the light poles and it should be good.. lock the bathrooms.. If you really have to go, walk across the street to the other park and use the porta potty. Problem solved. Although I like to skate to get away from people watching me..

  13. enemy combatant on January 12, 2008 - Reply

    Do people watch you a lot when you’re not skating?

  14. Im also not too stoked on aumsville (the town and some of the locals) It is the first sick park on the way up north on our frequent pilgrimages from roseburg so hopefully its open. dont tase me bro!

  15. skatebroke on January 12, 2008 - Reply

    whats the status now? can someone please upload a current photo?

  16. mc at aumsville

    We stopped by about 10:30 p.m. Friday and saw no sign of damage or closure, We checked both bathrooms. Not quite sure what you could burn in there, the toilet paper? The park lights were off but other than that, everything seemed normal.

  17. As for the Aumsville police, a couple of years ago we pulled our cars way to the end of the field and camped there late one night and when we saw the officer in the morning he told us he had just decided to let us sleep but that we weren’t supposed to camp there.

    Pretty cool to us anyway. This was before the Trifecta shenanigans a couple of years ago.

  18. Both PK and I have had runs ins with the locals there, probably the worst locals of any park I’ve been too (they do rip though). It’s good to know that it’s still open, but if this trend continues like it has here and at Vancouver it makes me wonder how long our little skatepark rennaisance can last before the cities just decide it’s not worth it.

  19. Damienhialation on January 13, 2008 - Reply

    The fuck you say?!! Anyone who knows me knows that Aumsville is my favorite place on earth (see picture above). Hell, I met most of you there. Closing this park would be like ripping out a huge concrete chunk of my heart.

    I once saw a video of the origional combi-bowl (upland) being ripped out while the locals (all skate legends) skated the other side. Twas the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t help but think how much it’s gonna suck to be there someday. Of course, I always thought parks get closed because they are falling apart or the burnside bridge falls down on top of them, not because the locals can’t get over themselves. Weak and pathetic… argh!

  20. I saw Little AJ today at tigard he’s a salem/aumville local what he’s heard is that it’s closed and if the vandalism continues rumors of a dirt fill in abound, also the stayton daily ran a story about the closure 2 days ago it’s online. MC your just so lucky with authority. And I’m guessing that they burned wood in there. Aumsville is a strange place usually kids “get it” and by some sort of osmosis skate etiquette gets passed on, I mean for the most part we are a rowdy bunch (sorry MC I’m generalizing) and we like it that way but we govern ourselves pretty well when it comes down to it, most of us have the balls to speak up when shits blatantly out of hand; Aumsville is the exception i guess.

  21. Aumsville reminds me of the movie Gummo…

  22. Inbred retards. Aumsville ain’t burnside dummies. Too many kook stories to list here. Hurry up and get in the pen kids before you make more trash children. You have no futures.

  23. Thank you for your input Juan. I am pleased to announce that the skatepark re-opened last Friday and hopefully the consequences will change the unacceptable behavior.

    Enjoy skating,

    Maryann N. Hills
    City Administrator
    City of Aumsville
    595 Main Street
    Aumsville, OR 97325

  24. The official word.

  25. Looks like you were leaving this comment as I was writing the post with the reopening info.

  26. As the former City Parks Commissioner that started the effort for the City on this project it really hurt that some idiot/s would do something that would force the City to close this park. In starting this project I had hope that the citizens would come together and protect this jewel. This park was a way to provide a space for our young citizens and everyone with a place to come together and enjoy the sport and spectacle.

    It is too bad that a few have ruined it for the many and is a lesson to be learned by all.

    One last comment, I reject the comments made about the heavy handed police. I know all of them personally and you couldn’t ask for better officers to look out for you. I suggest that you all try to be friends you might find that they are just ordinary people too.

    Thank you;
    Timothy Dunn
    Former Aumsville City Parks Commissioner

  27. I reject the comments made about the heavy handed police.

    I would suggest that the police force interacts with the City Parks Commissioner in one fashion and your average skateboarder (especially when visiting) in a completely different fashion.

  28. Aumsville on March 7, 2008 - Reply

    I will dispell some of your “hear say” now if you would like, the problems are not locals who have spent many yrs/days/hours at the park! If you havent noticed the east end of town has ALOT of new houses with new kids in them, One of these kids(who doesnt skate) burned the bathroom while trying to stay warm. he is a kid with big problems at home and its no wonder he made that mistake not that its cool but blame his folks. Now I think its time to address the rampant doging of locals. You are right Aumsville is a really great park with some very colorful characters. There was a problem where one of the dreamland boys pounded a local but he deserved it I was there and we all chated after the brawl and it was handled the way it should have been even my friend who got beat up agreed! I have seen kids punch full grown men and I have seen these same ppl give coats to girls when its cold and teach a newbie how to roll instead of kissing somebodys ass just because they rip. imagine full grown men trashing kids on line…sounds alot less glorious then the kid who flips u off to your face doesnt it? that is just the one side of life out here. there are plenty of nice kids and adults who live out here and use the park in complete anonymity. your probably thinking anonymity is big talk for us backwood hicks but it just the side you never try to see before you point fingers from behind a screen.shit I live here and the same ppl who have triped on you have triped on me and its just fine with me! I agree with the ex Aumsville worker,some of the police are very nice guys but instead of cruzing 4th street cleaning up the junk users they sit across the street from the skate park all night and that can get alittle bit annoying! it teaches kids that they are not trusted and in turn they learn to think of them as the enemy,its a very viscous cycle people. I could go on and on about this boring subject but I got a job and school work today. kudos on the Gumo and the deliverance references though! both are great films but in my oppinion but out here is more like the outsiders and I hope the kids out here stay golden like ponyboy! I guess thats it for now I will not be checking in on responses so dont bother we will just see ya at the park! Aumsville POR VIDA

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