Ain’t talkin bout love!


I been to the edge, and there I stood and looked down. You know I lost a lot of friends there baby, I got no time to mess around. So if you want it got to bleed for it baby.

John Aguilar sent in this Jeremy Brown photo of his buddy John Veitch grabbing a frontside edger in the bowl at Bellingham Washington. That’s an edger, not an air. I like to toss the old backside edger into a session on a regular basis, but fronstide edgers are courting disaster and not disasters. This is the largest size file he had, so I can’t show you a close up of the wheel on the coping. Love the edger.


  1. There’s something special about the ole’ edger…it rides the fine line between pleasure and peril. And yes, the frontside variety is not to be taken or ridden casually.

  2. Right On John! John is a lucky guy that he gets to skate that park on a regular basis. The front side edger is no joke.

  3. Gnarly John!!! I think you need to pull that into the AIR Just to be safe!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

    Good photo, thanks for posting!

  4. The edger, frontside and backside, is a lost art. People used to do them intentionally, now, if done at all, they’re a fortunate accident of a little too much speed on a grind attempt. Fortunate as long as one makes it, that is. Nice shot/nice trick.

  5. Intentionally or unitentionally, what’s the difference? No one can judge exactly how much truck will go out, it’s a case of speed and angle and line surely…? I do fs grab wheelers/edgers a lot, sometimes they are extreme and you make it or as I found out in a three metre deep pool recently, you eat it! ouchhh!!! A lost art maybe, for sure though most new schoolers, don’t give it much credit.

  6. Blah, blah, blah, blah-dee blah blah blah. old school blah, new school blah, blah, me, blah, blah, them, blah blah, art blah, trick, blah.

    Great photo! I bet that feels real cool.

  7. carvin marvin on January 22, 2008 - Reply

    back in the day (’78?) a one-wheeler meant more than a grind and the micro edger was king.
    the grab makes it pretty easy; just pull if you edge out (don’t tell the young ‘uns)

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