Achtung! Slack!

Skate and Annoy in Slack Magazine

Skater and Annoy got mentioned in an issue of the German action sports magazine Slack. My German vocabulary is limited to what I picked up from playing the original 2D version of Castle Wolfenstein on my Apple II back in 1982. See post title for demonstration.

Dieses News-Portal ist aus einem Skate-Zine aus den 80er-Jahren hervorgegangen, was an manchen Stellen deutlich zu spüren ist. Die exklusiv gestalteten Comics und zum Teil bissigen Kommentare über die Darstellung von Skateboarding in den US-amerikanischen Medien lässt den schnoddrigen DIY-Charakter durchscheinen. „Skate and Annoy“ hat seine Wurzeln in Portland/Oregon und fühlt sich in erster Linie dem Transition Skating verpflichtet. Ihr denkt, ihr seid old school? Dann zieht euch erst mal rein, wie die Jungs aus dem Betonpark-Mekka die weichgespülte Skate-Welt sehen…

Let’s see… we’ve got the 80’s, comics, some DIY stuff and Portland Oregon. It also mentions “old school” so that means they think we are a bunch of Barneys. How did they find us? Must be all the Claus Grabke coverage.


  1. you guys are global!

  2. nweyesk8 on January 29, 2008 - Reply

    This news-portal followed from a Skate Zine from the 80’s-years, what is to be felt in some places clearly. The exclusively arranged Comics and partially biting comments on the representation of Skateboarding in the US-American media let the schnoddrigen DIY character shine through. “Skate and Annoy” has its roots in Portland/Oregon and feels obligated primarily the Transition skating. You think, it are old school? Then pulls you only times purely, like young from the Betonpark Mekka the soft-rinsed Skate world see…

  3. they say you’re hardcore skaters with a good sense of humor and that you like DIY and transition skating.
    about the barneys you may be right. but it sounds like they like you.

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