SOTW 12-24-07: Louisville Kentucky in the rain

Louisville Kentucky in the rain

I was driving from Florida to Oregon, via Chicago on the last few days of 2003. I detoured through Louisville in hopes of catching a session at the then relatively new mammoth skatepark. Of course, being winter, it was raining. Look closely and you’ll see a creek running through the full pipe. There were a handful of kids goofing around at the park, skating and biking in the rain. I was disappointed of course, and vowed that I’d have to make the return trip in better weather. But then the last four years in the Northwest have seen an amazing number of stellar parks built, so as each year passes I find it less and less of a big deal if I don’t make it back. Still, I’d like to check it out. I enjoy the experience of skating in completely different geographical locations, even if the actual terrain may not warrant the time, money and effort it takes to get there. This was a low light, longer exposure that was hand held. It does an adequate job of capturing the atmosphere. Check it out.


  1. corncobcock on December 24, 2007 - Reply

    went there opening week…awesome! best sessions after dark. too hot in day. lit up 24/7. titty bars open til 4. merry christmas! signed, Oderus Urungus

  2. I just got back from there, rain, rain and more rain.

  3. that park is over-rated, and the fullpipe collects the water from the bowls. but it can still be fun, if it’s not crowded.

  4. Home of the Cretins! I live here… rain rain and more rain, the joys of the Ohio Valley. Christmas day (tomorrow) looks like it might be good for a session. Water in the pipe ain’t a problem if ya remember to bring the broom. The park is bad ass no matter what type of terrain you like. I do wish there was a true angled hip, rather than all rounded corners… but that’s being picky. And it’s never crowded at 8am on the weekends. I still say it’s the best park in the region, though Bowling Green is an extremely close second. (And it probably could be first, if only it were 10 minutes from my door too.)

  5. sorry, just being a picky northwestener. i’ve been really glad it’s there the many, many times i’ve driven through and flown in and out of louisville.

  6. no offense taken… I can understand why some people don’t like it… particularly when it’s crowded, it’s ridiculous. I’ll post links to pics of our Christmas session… assuming I take any…

  7. Not too crowded and not too cold. Jr. was even havin’ some PBRs…

  8. Hateboard on December 26, 2007 - Reply

    ive skate loo-uh-ville probably dozen times, now. (my family reunion is derby week, even though i spend more time drinking free booze at Phoenix Hill or Jim Dandy’s. family owned bars are awesome!)park is good, but its over rated. the lights are awesome, but they click out at 5am i think, so theres a bit of down time till sunrise. the fullpipe finish in the bottom is jacked, its been refinished once i think, with poor results. its way lumpy. its literally overrun by bmx kooks with no etiquette at all.. its common for them to blast over the top of you while you ride. the AXIS shop up the street is full of cool guys, and Radley makes “the fractured” decks, and they are good wood. i rode one for almost a year, its on the wall now. all in all, i’m a fan of louisville, but the local parks we have here are far superior. i love kentucky.

  9. hell yeah, don’t fuck with kentuck.

  10. […] this Louisville Kentucky News posting from unknown today.This is the summary of […]

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