Old timey license plates not included.

Sports bar fodder

…great for collectors, or sports bars don’t miss this one

NOS or not, $75 (shipping included) is too much for a plastic skateboard. Especially if you are just going to bolt to the wall of the local TGI Fridays knockoff. Still, it looks an awful lot like the first skateboard I ever set foot on. The listing says it’s a Marco Polo brand. That’s a new (old) one to me. I swear there must have been one mold for these yellow boards that a hundred different companies copied outright and made a slight modification for a different brand name.


  1. enemy combatant on December 8, 2007 - Reply

    I don’t remember them having kick noses like that. Of course that is a newer model seeing that it has urethane wheels.

  2. That looks just like my first skateboard. It had a kicked nose and was a “Jupiter” brand. It was a swirly green/puke color, with similair wheels. It was way old at the time though, all the cool kids had Powell/Vision/Santa Cruz etc.

  3. corncobcock on December 10, 2007 - Reply

    seen it ALL!

  4. what brand/shape is that?

  5. what brand/shape is that board?

  6. I had one like that one in green.

    • karen on May 18, 2015 - Reply

      I have a green one like this. What year are these from ?

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