OK, so who do we pray for then?

Jason Jesse on “Pray for Me” and Dave Shitbird

Jason Jesse has a few choice things to say about the “documentary” on his life (Pray for Me) and David from Shitbird who made it. First off, I don’t get the cult of Jason Jesse, but I don’t begrudge anyone of their right to identify with him. Jesse comes of a bit unstable at times in his video appearances (come to think of it, maybe I’m just thinking about a trailer I saw for Pray for me…) Also, I’ve only had very minimal interaction with Dave, but I’ve heard some questionable stories and read a lot of unsubstantiated crap about him on the Interwebs™– all hearsay, mind you. The video is made by some Japanese cats, and it’s basically Jason Jesse on camera stirring up a shit(bird) storm about Pray for Me and Dave Shitbird, who he accuses of admitting to being an informant for the FBI and in general just being a lying scumbag. Take this video with a grain of salt, and watch it for some pretty amusing quotes from Jesse as the interview gets going. He maintains that Shitbird has gotten some sort of revenge on Jesse just by infecting his life. Jesse has resigned himself to defeat at Shitbirds hands, and surprisingly enough, seems to think a pie to the face will be good payback. Well that, and bootlegging the film and giving it away for free. Or just not watching it because it is stupid and boring – his words, not mine! Jesse’s video rant is a bit slow for the first quarter or so, but stick with it. I haven’t seen Pray for me. Anyone?

Jason Jesse on “Pray for Me” and Dave Shitbird


  1. “hey bro do you know where my fuchsia scrunchie is?”

    hahahahaha… jason may be a weirdo, but shitbird dave is THE worst.

  2. Cancer Chris on December 20, 2007 - Reply

    Yeah, I hear he’s the Tod Falcon of Steve Bacon’s!

  3. jeff diction on December 20, 2007 - Reply

    …but, he makes the best wheels on the planet….shitbird, not jessee.

  4. i hear if you buy 10 sets he’ll let you come skate his pool

  5. houseofneil on December 21, 2007 - Reply

    I didn’t like the movie, and this may be why. Even though it was about Jason, it seemed done from a distance, with lots of stock footage. Now it totally makes sense why it was like that.

  6. My wife saw Jesse on a video and asked me if he was retarded or something.

    He’s either brilliant or damaged, one of the two. Maybe both?

  7. houseofneil on December 21, 2007 - Reply

    duders, did you post a couple of things on Skullandbones and then get booted?

  8. enemy combatant on December 21, 2007 - Reply

    It’s easy enough to do. I got booted from Skullandbones for telling that fucking moron Slob-air that the continent of South America doesn’t begin at Mexico’s southern border!

  9. Jason Jesse is a racist, washed up shitbag. His fans are all scrote poser pussies.

  10. houseofneil on December 24, 2007 - Reply

    Thanks for your thoughtful contribution Carl. Your insight is amazing. Come back again any time.

  11. if what the film alleges is true, what carl says is true. bummer, too. he used to be one of my all-time favorites.

  12. pig city on December 28, 2007 - Reply

    i remember reading back in the day that jeese called peanut brown the n word at a comp and got his ass truly whipped!

  13. houseofneil on December 28, 2007 - Reply

    yup, but let’s remember that people can and do change over time. What seemed cool and acceptable in your youth gets washed away as you get older and see more of the world. Basically what you were 20 years ago doesn’t have to mean you are that way now.

  14. some asshole. on February 2, 2014 - Reply

    I know this thread thingy is like a million years old so sorry to piss on yer parade, internet jocks. But I just had to say I’ve been laughing for like 10 minutes. The todd falcon of steve bacons. Too hilarious. Stealing that one, Cancer Chris.

  15. Thee is a difference between racism and reprezentin your bros.

  16. At least he didn’t misrepresent his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

    • kjcmagilla on March 29, 2016 - Reply

      RH got the wrong Jessee. You want the train-robber.

      • Don’t want either; just wanted to joke about both and Shitbird, without you whiffing and bringing historical dirtbags into it.

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