Helmet: Bad or bad ass?

skull helmet

This is for motorcycles, but why not skateboarders? I smell a potential Misfits Fiend Club marketing tie in. Why not? Jerry Only has whored out the name diversified themselves to shoes, purses, lunch boxes, pencils, Japanese bands and god (excuse me, Satan) knows what else. If you close your eyes you can almost see a scrawny kid with his black jeans (spray painted on) working on his flyouts in one of these. Check out the skull helmet at Santiago Chopper.

[Source: Boing Boing]


  1. jakeandannoy on December 12, 2007 - Reply

    The helemt is far more hesh than biker, I want that helmet enough to kill,(again?)
    thanks for posting it Kilwag.

  2. Flame detail for the obligatory comic book segwey, and school colors for the punk rock jocks! For some reason, when I look at those helmets, I think of people covered in foam trying to sumo wrestle each other, or headbutting each other repeatedly.

    I’ve seen Misfits sweatbands, Misfits barettes, Misfits baby vomit catchers (bibs?)… if you search for the Misfits on eBay, there’s more Clothing & Accessories listings than there are for actual MUSIC. I saw an embroidered Misfits leather jacket on some dude at Target, and I remember when we used to spraypaint that shit instead of pay $180 for a stupid officially licensed leather.

    If it had the Crimson Ghost, though, I’d be more likely to put one on and have a headbutting competition with you.

  3. enemy combatant on December 12, 2007 - Reply

    Yes, but is it DOT approved?

  4. jakeandannoy on December 12, 2007 - Reply

    “Segwey” is a stupid device littering our public sidewalks with lazy dunces. “SEGUE”, is what I think you meant paige.
    HAW HAW, I corrected law enforcement!

  5. I like it… can I borrow $150?

  6. Kids don’t wear helmets.

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